Maud, OK city officials have shoot-out with water tower…


Snow and ice always seem to wreak havoc on Oklahoma. The tiniest bit of frozen precipitation can shut the whole state down. The roads become slick and dangerous, pipes freeze up, and there are often massive power outages that leave thousands of residents in the dark and cold.

During the freezing weather last weekend, the city of Maud faced a unique problem. From News9:

MAUD, Oklahoma –

The small City of Maud faced a serious problem over the weekend.

Ice build up on a leaking water tower raised concerns that the tower could topple.

So, the City came up with a 12-gauge solution. They opened fire on the ice Friday night with a shotgun.

“We took a few shots and tried to knock the ice off.  Didn’t work very well,” Maud City Clerk Don Zeller said.

City leaders said they had to give it a shot, but the ice was just too thick to shatter.

Engineers said the tower was in danger of collapse.

“(We) sent them pictures and they called us and we talked with them for a little while and they said, ‘yup, we need to get some of that ice off of there because it is a problem,'” Zeller said.

So, they blocked off the area and opened fire. Police said there was no danger to the public.

“Absolutely not,” Maud police Chief Patricia Bateman said. “I was contacted, told that they would block off the perimeter. They talked with the structure engineers and they said that they had everything set up.”

You know what they say… Never bring a gun to an ice fight. Ok, I’m not that smart of a person, but this doesn’t seem like the best way to handle a situation like that. Does everyone in Oklahoma think with their guns first?

“Well, Don, that old water tower froze up. I reckon it’s gonna if we don’t do something about it. Got any ideas?”

“Have the sheriff bring his shotty. There ain’t a problem we can’t solve with guns.”

Seriously, the tower is already leaking and almost 90 years old. Firing at it seems like a pretty hazardous solution. Couldn’t they get a guy with a hair dryer and a really long extension cord to climb up and try to melt the ice off? Or drop a big ol’ bucket of hot water from a helicopter? If those ideas fail, they could have rappers Knuckles and Zero collaborate on a mixtape. The fire from that would melt everything in Pottawatomie county.

Jokes aside, I hope Maud can get their water tower situation figured out. It’s really old and in bad shape, and if something happened to it, that would be real trouble for the residents.