Oklahoma Contemporary’s ArtNow looks fun…


The annual ArtNow exhibition is back for 2017 and they are hosting the “first big party of the year” to celebrate. Featuring 24 diverse artistic talents in the Oklahoma art scene, more than 200 pieces will go on sale at the party this Friday, Jan. 20th, with all proceeds going to help keep Oklahoma Contemporary exhibitions open free of charge, year-round.

In order to better fulfill Oklahoma Contemporary’s mission to “encourage artistic expression in all its forms,” this year’s works run the gamut from paintings, photography, and sculpture to jewelry, furniture, tableware and even fashion design. And, if that weren’t enough, this year also features “olfactory artwork,” wherein a scent “aims to create an aromatic landscape of the photograph.” Basically, it’s like a grown up scratch and sniff book.

The event begins with a V.I.P. reception at 6:30, with the main program starting at 8 p.m. In addition to the established artwork, fashion designer Sarah Nsikak will demonstrate printmaking on-site, models will wear the Organza Overcoat from the exhibition and Short Order Poems will craft verse on demand. Tickets start at $100 and are available at www.oklahomacontemporary.org. They sell out fast so order yours now!

As with many of these shindigs, hors d’oeuvres such as these, will be served…


As I was perusing the amazing art that will be available at the show—on an empty stomach, natch—I got to thinking what art-show appropriate starters would I like to snack on whilst enjoy these visual treasures, so here are five perfect ArtNow appetizers inspired by the featured artwork. I don’t know if they will served to patrons or not, but feel free to take these cues, caterers…

This is “Martini: Head Clog II” by Sarah Atlee. Its brilliant mix of shape and colors evokes a time machine between art deco and modernism. And even though, culinarily, I’m not the biggest fan of olives, I can totally see myself munching on a few tantalizing bacon and blue cheese stuffed olives while exploring this piece.


Goad at Verbode - White Balanced

Now we are looking at Matt Goad’s thrilling “La Matanza.” The rush of blood as the bull attacks, stylized and victorious, I can picture myself looking deep into the colorful lines of this art, dutifully absorbing while chowing down on this jerk beef served on fresh plantain chips.


HimesMcCrory As Above So Below

Here we have the absolutely mesmerizing work of art entitled “As Above So Below” by Molly Himes McCrory. What appears as simple wonderment leaves one with a sense of eerie mystery; as I ponder what the girl is searching for in the water, I found my aquatic treasure in the form of these delicious shrimp-topped deviled eggs that have been making the rounds in the room.




Composed of glass, labradorite and crystal, Lawrence Naff’s “Remina” is a work of art that dares to stare back into one’s soul, a masterwork of reflection—both literally and figuratively—and true to its textures, it seems like it would pair most well with a medium handful of lumpfish black caviar. Nothing fancy, just dump it in my hand, thank you.




With its cauldron-like appearance and “don’t look into Daddy’s business” demeanor, Morgan Robinson’s utterly powerful  “Sphere (large and small)” commands the room and, oddly enough,  got me craving a Wendy’s baked potato covered in their chili. And while I am most definitely sure that this is not on the caterer’s menu, luckily I thought ahead and luckily kept a spare in my sports coat jacket to take a quick bite or two of in the handicapped stall of the men’s room. What a great ArtNow 2017, guys!


(Disclosure: Oklahoma Contemporary is a TLO advertiser. Wendy’s, sadly, is not.)

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