OKC is apparently the most romantic city in America

Leave a trail of rose petals around Bricktown and buy the south side a nice box of chocolates: Oklahoma City is the most romantic place in the country. Or, at least according to one of those meaningless clickbait lists. This one was published on the blog you never knew existed for the restaurant reservation app, OpenTable.

They explained their method for their rankings as such:

Food trends may come and go, but our data indicates that Americans continue to have an appetite for romantic dining. In order to provide a ranking of cities where romantic dining is inherently part of the culture, the OpenTable Most Romantic Cities Index was calculated using three variables: the percentage of restaurants rated “romantic” according to OpenTable diner reviews; the percentage of tables seated for two; and the percentage of people who dined out for Valentine’s Day in 2016.

We edged out such steamy love hives like St. Louis, Savannah, GA and Memphis, which is tough competition. When I think of a town that reeks of musty sex funk and whipped cream, I think of St. Louis, MO, so this truly is an honor.

For all the romantic restaurants we are supposed to have in OKC, only one from Oklahoma made it to OpenTable’s ‘100 Most Romantic Restaurants’ list, which was Mahogany Prime Steak House in Tulsa. Apparently, they’ve never been to the Belle Isle Chili’s. If you really wanna impress your date, take them there and get the Molten Chocolate Cake, it’s divine.

The weirdest part of this to me is that our ranking on this list is at odds of Oklahoma historically being one of the states with the highest divorce rate in the nation. There’s nothing sexy about the face of divorce, but I guess we’re all romantics at heart.

But maybe it makes sense after all: the more times you break up, the more opportunities to get back into the dating saddle again! Hop on Tindr, meet some new people, go out on romantic dinners for two at Applebee’s (don’t forget to reserve that table in advance with OpenTable™), get hitched up with the right one, and then get divorced when you find out that they don’t like ranch dressing. The cycle begins anew!

What are your favorite romantic activities in Oklahoma City? Whisper your sweet nothings into that comment box.