Friday Night in the Big Town: Tower Theatre Rap, Miss Night Trips, Monster Jam and Museum Performances

Someone call small business hero Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb because big government just won’t leave his championed constituents alone. It seems you can’t tell a person their future without the law getting involved.

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Sonia Lisa Marks, 52, is accused of illegally operating “Mrs. Maples Psychic Reader” at 4445 SW 33. Her attorney says Marks was “targeted” for prosecution of an outdated and unenforced law.

“They want to turn this into some criminal act, which to me is just a joke,” defense attorney Scott Adams said. “I wish someone could explain to me what is so horrible about someone reportedly being able to tell you what your future is.”

Oklahoma law makes it a misdemeanor to either pretend or profess to tell fortunes for a charge or to receive any gift or donation. Marks could be sentenced to up to six months in jail and fined up to $500 if convicted of the misdemeanor.

I have to go with the easy and lame joke here, but only to make a point. “Mrs. Maples” obviously is no Zoltar if she did not see this coming. You would think her aura would have flared.

The story reported that enforcement of this Oklahoma law is rare and other psychic businesses do exist in OKC without interference. So why pick on Marks? Well she has a bit of a past in the Buckeye State.

In 1994, Marks left Ohio after being charged with theft offenses, records show. She was accused of conning about a dozen fortune telling clients out of as much as a million dollars, according to news accounts.

Ah, the old “steal a million dollars” scheme. Yeah, those plans don’t usually work out. However, you can seriously argue Marks did nothing different than what many televangelists do. Is the continued asking for money to tell your fortune any different than giving seed money to a televised, prosperity gospel megachurch me for a guarantee that it will be given to you ten-fold by God?

Anyways, guess what? Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…

Tower Theatre Grand Opening

Sat – 8pm, Tower Theatre – 425 NW 23rd St, $10-30

Music is returning to the Tower Theatre for the first time in 17 years, and OKC rapper Jabee has the honor of breaking it in. His friends will help as OKC hip-hop artists LTZ, Zie, D.J. Reaper, Soufwessdes and Grand National will be on-hand to open the all-ages show.

The theatre is renovated and will have that “new theatre smell.” Please, be sensible and don’t be that man or woman who puked on the newly renovated theatre. That’s a reputation you can never live down.

Miss Night Trips

Fri – 10pm, Night Trips – 220 Vermont Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Who is going to win Miss Night Trips 2017? We’ll have to ask Patrick. In an ultimate sign of the sacrifices he makes for this city and website, he’ll be one of judges for the competition. Maybe they’ll let him DJ again, too.

Patrick is qualified for the job. He’s fair, honest and his first girlfriend was named Cinnamon. I wonder what he looks for in a contestant? Looks? Stage performance? Glitter ratio? The only way to find out is to come see the pageant for yourself.

Monster Jam

Sat – 1 & 7pm, Sun – 1pm, Chesapeake Energy Arena, $15-69

You see that huge truck flying through the air in the above photo? That’s Grave Digger. The only monster truck that matters. A god on four wheels. The answer to every problem in our pathetic lives.

How do we stop terrorism? Grave Digger. My 401K is performing badly, should I take a look at my stocks? Grave Digger. Who shot J.R.? Grave Digger.

If Grave Digger was president, would you see the current chaos in the White House? No. Also, Grave Digger would be elected to 40 terms in non-rigged elections and the media would love him/she/it.

You have three opportunities this weekend to witness the god soar through the air over already-crushed cars, like a gentle dove filled with mayhem about to deliver punishment to the non-believers. Be there.

An Evening of Art & Performance

Fri – 5:30pm, OKC Museum of Art – 415 Couch Dr, $12 for Non-Members

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is celebrating the opening of two new exhibitions with a night of art and performances. “The Unsettled Lens” and “After the Floating World: The Enduring Art of Japanese Woodblock Prints” will be flanked by poetry, dance and refreshments.

The evening begins at 5:30, and so do the refreshments and cash bar. The entertainment starts with a screening of the 2017 Oscar nominees for Animated Short Film, followed by printmaking demonstrations, poet Kerri Shadid, the RACE Dance Company and Shakespeare performances.

Then they are going to trash the place. Kidding. Don’t trash the place.

Adam is a musician and  freelance journalist. He doesn’t know a damn thing about your future.

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