Which obscure local sushi roll should we add to the Yokozuna menu?

Who knew selling out could taste so good!

Recently, our friends at Yokozuna, the delicious new Asian fusion / sushi place in the Chisholm Creek Development near Top Golf, came to us with a branded-content challenge – develop an Oklahoma-themed sushi roll for their March menu.

Because we never turn down an opportunity to eat, drink and make our sponsors happy, we took them up on the offer. Now we need your help in making it a reality.

Below you will find five Oklahoma-themed sushi rolls that we pitched to Yokozuna’s team of expert itamae. We need you to vote for your favorite. The sushi creation that gets the most votes wins and will be the March special for the new Oklahoma City location. Consider it an Ogle Madness tune-up or something like that.

These are the five rolls you get to chose from:

• Chicken Fried Sushi-On-A-Stick
• Doppler Zuna 5000
• Lake Thunderbird Octo-Monster
• Mom’s Basement
• The Noodler’s Revenge

Pass the soy sauce, check out the photos and vote…

Chicken Fried Sushi-On-A-Stick

The only thing Oklahoman’s love more than fried food is fried food on a stick. Featuring grilled chicken, roasted red bell pepper, avocado, and cream cheese, Panko tempura fried and then served with a wasabi mayo, this is truly much-loved Southern cooking meeting much-envied Eastern cuisine at its absolute fusion best.

Doppler Zuna 5000

Quick – Who can spot the hook echo?

Inspired by Oklahoma’s love with doppler radar, this rainbow Technicolor dreamcoat of a sushi roll is best when eaten on the lower level in the center of the house or chasing storms along the dryline. It’s a robust, intensely flavored sweet and spicy masterpiece, containing hot mess mix, jalapeño, tempura shrimp, avocado, strawberry, mango, eel sauce, spicy mayo, sesame seeds, scallions, with spicy mayo, sriracha on the side.

Lake Thunderbird Octo-Monster

Like all good urban legends, this one is also real. But unlike the real Lake Thunderbird Octopus Monster, you won’t have to drive all the way to Norman or pack a cooler of Natty Lights to enjoy this magical creation of octopus, soft shell crab, pickled jalapeños, lemon, cucumber and topped with seaweed, black sesame seeds, spicy mayo and sriracha.

Mom’s Basement

Okay, we know mom’s basements aren’t really unique to Oklahoma. But how many states have prominent obscure local online tabloid blogs operated out of one? That’s an Oklahoma tradition.

When we pitched this idea, the only requirement is that it contain shrimp or crab. Yokozuna delivered. This roll features tempura shrimp, crabstick, avocado, jalapeno, pickled red onions and sriracha.

The Noodler’s Revenge

Straight outta Pauls Valley, the Noodler’s Revenge is the perfect roll for every hillbilly handfishin’ enthusiast who ever stuck their hand down the wrong mud hole. That’s why we went with the hand roll, which is stuffed with delicious tempura fried catfish, spicy jalapeño, thai slaw, and shichimi pepper.

So, which one of these Oklahoma-themed sushi creations do you want to see on the Yokozuna menu? Vote early and often!

Which sushi roll do you want to eat at Yokozuna?

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