The Nixons are getting back together. This time for real.

Here I am again. Writing about the Nixons. Overwhelming feelings.

Yes, one year after they reunited for a brief acoustic set at the Oklahoma Songwriters Festival, Oklahoma City grunge icons The Nixons are getting back together for concert at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center. The show takes place on Friday, March 31st. It will be the band’s first plugged-in performance in over 15 years. The whole thought of it makes me happier than “Happy Song.”

As I mentioned last time, I was a huge Nixons fan during my high school and college days. I wasn’t the only one. I think it was a requirement that every Oklahoma City rock fan under the age of 30 have the instantly recognizable matchbook-covered “Foma” in their CD-carrying wallet during the 1990s.

“What do you want to listen to? Bush? Silver Chair? Counting Crows?”

“How about the Nixons?”

“Hell yeah! What’s the track number for Sister?”

When we covered their acoustic show from last year, I shared quite a few Nixons member berries.

Just saying the band’s name makes me dance on the stage of memory. One of the first concerts I ever attended was a Nixons show in a parking lot in Bricktown. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I ever passed out from smoking too much weed. Or was that the Creed concert? I can’t remember, but I do remember buying the Nixons’ debut CD “Foma” from the CD Warehouse on N. May and playing it on repeat while playing pool with my friend Johnny. Lead by “Sister,” “Head,” and “Happy Song,” it quickly became one of the soundtracks to my summer of 1995.

I also offered to help the Nixons promote any future reunion shows:

I’ll take a Nixons reunion anyway I can get it, but they need to plug in the amps and do a real reunion concert sometime this summer. If we can get Wakeland and PC Quest to open for them, I guarantee you it will be a hit. Hell, I’ll even help promote the thing on the website for free. Let’s do it Nixons. Have your people contact my people. We’ll make Gen X / Old Millennial dreams come true.

Say what you want about me or The Lost Ogle, but I’m a blogger of my word. If you’re one of my favorite bands and I offer free promotion in exchange for getting back together, I’m going to follow through with it. You hear that Temple of the Dog?

Anyway, let’s give this promotion thing a shot. Please read the following in your Jake Daniels or Greg Zoobeck voice…

Does the current state of the world bring you down? Do you want to relive and enjoy those treasured days of youth that are a thousand miles away from your ocean home? If so, see the Nixons on March 31st at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center! Tickets are available now! I’ll be there and you should be there. I want to see you dancing in my mind.

That wasn’t bad for 30 seconds of work. Maybe I have a future in copywriting.