Is This A Great Oklahoma Podcast Or What? (Volume 2)

We weren’t all that surprised to discover the “Oklahoma Standard” is pretty low women in this state. Not that we needed an infographic to tell us that, but pictorial validation is always nice. So our shows for this go around are going to feature the fairer sex. ‘Cause if we can’t improve their quality of life, we can at least boost their downloads.

Here are five Oklahoma podcasts you should check out:

Porch Club – “Boundaries and Borders” 

Hosted by Liz and Sarah

There are few things in life that cannot be improved by good friends and wine. That is what Liz and Sarah, of Common Room Radio, bring you every week with Porch Club. Well it is BYOB, but they tell you what they’re drinking so you can play along at home. While the co-hosts are best friends, they discuss how they can’t be each other’s everything and how things went awry one very dramatic day in a Borders parking lot. From there we learn about Sarah’s Marvel fan fiction, Liz’s love of jewel tone dresses, and much more from a flurry of questions from their devoted listeners. If you’re one of those fiends who listen to shows at x1.5 speed, just don’t. You’ll thank me when the wine kicks in.

Chicks with Flicks – “Point Break”

Hosted by The Chick Panel

Chicks with Flicks brings you a new perspective on classic guy films every other week with a rotating panel of hosts. Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but love should be celebrated all year-long. Let the ladies of the Chick Panel regale you with one of the greatest loves of the 20th century. Not even Gidget had more whirlwind summer surfing and hanging around the California beaches than Keanu Reeves did in the 1991 action classic, Point Break, the story of a fresh-faced FBI Agent Johnny Utah and feathered-haired surfer named Bodhi. Through all the cackling, you will hear the dissection of a love greater and more believable than Twilight and two men who argue in the rain more than any Nicholas Sparks character.

Authentic Conversation – “An Inspiring Butterfly on the Move”

Hosted by Tiffany Hill

We all need a positive source to help us change, and Tiffany Hill will provide you with just that. Her guests range from actors to other podcasting hosts. In this February episode, Hill is joined by Necole Turner, author of Reflections of the Butterfly: Affirmations of Empowerment and a Strategic Principles for Women in Leadership. These two ladies discuss the complexities of friendships and the importance of self-worth. Turner shares her journey of empowerment and self-improvement. Together they inspire listeners to brave challenges that may seem daunting but can be conquered by letting go of fear and self-doubt.

The Most Wonderful Wonder – “Johnny, O Johnny: The Cruel War”

Hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Hall of Welcome Little Stranger

Straight out of Guthrie, The Most Wonderful Wonder brings you songs and historical oddities in wonderful, lyrical storytelling. Most of their shows find their way into the dark and morbid. Mr. and Mrs. Hall take you by the hand this episode to share the tales of women fighting on both sides of the Civil War. Some left home to join their men, some left for patriotism, and others the steady paycheck. The Halls end the episode with a haunting folk song that shares the same title as the episode. A perfect blend of yarn spinning and folk songs are to be found in each episode.

The Bubble – “Books, Babies, and Bye-Bye Alcohol”

Hosted by Amy and Stephanie

Follow Amy and Stephanie as they navigate life around OKC with friends, having chats and plenty of champagne in The Bubble from Mostly Harmless Media. This installment features Judie, librarian extraordinaire, as the ladies get ready to volunteer for the Friends of the Library Book Sale. There is a strategy on how one should approach one of the largest books sales in the country, and we learn how to win this sale. As a community that is constantly forced to commute, there are lamentations on how that affects dating. How can a relationship exist if one lives in OKC and the other in Shawnee?   Their signature champagne is being given up for Lent, but with Easter right around the corner bubbles are surely headed back to the show.