Abigail Ogle promoted to 6pm newscast!

The Ogle family’s conquest of the Oklahoma City media market has reached a new milestone.

As we teased in today’s MMTs, Abigail Ogle recently announced she’s moving to the 6pm newscast on KOCO Channel 5. That means Oklahoma City’s sick, elderly and other local TV news viewers will now have their choice of three different Ogles to ogle at 6pm! That’s not excessive or weird or anything.

Here’s Abigail’s Facebook post about it:

Do we really need another Ogle on TV at 6pm? I think the answer is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, Channel 25 should take things to the next level and bring Kent Ogle from Channel 4 to anchor their 6pm newscast. Then we’ll have four Ogles in TV at once! If that doesn’t work, we could always just give the Ogle’s OETA and let them turn it into their own superstation – KOGLE.

Anyway, we’d like to congratulate Abigail on what I assume is a promotion! She’s making our prediction that she’ll take over the world some day look smart. It seems like just yesterday she was the lonely sports anchor for fledgling KSBI Channel 52. Now she’s moved to primetime on an ABC affiliate! Outside of us, I can’t think of any Ogle that’s had a better run. It’s amazing where hard work, talent and an immediately recognizable last name can take you.

Abigail will be replaced by a familiar face to TLO fans – Maggie Carlo. Remember her? She was the wide-eyed former evening co-anchor at Channel 5 who left for Chicago way back in 2008. Here’s a pic from her going away party


First of all, you know Maggie Carlo is reading this right now and thinking “Holy shit, The Lost Ogle still exists?” Also, does Aaron Tuttle look better with bright red or copper brown skin? Either way, how do we get him to bring back the 1990s skater cut that he was sporting in 2008?

Here’s Maggie’s Instagram article about the news:

That’s nice. It will be fun to see Maggie back on morning TV news promos shown during ABC college football games. She’ll do great!