Monday Morning Tweets

Howdy, pardners! I hope your Garth Brooks weekend treated you well. I’m sure it was a great show and I spent the entire time jealous of everyone on my timeline who was in attendance. I’m less curious about the setlist, however, than if he wore a Mobetta shirt or flew over the audience Peter Pan-style on wires. I guess I’ll just have to fork over the ticket money next time and find out for myself. Anyways, let’s get to the Tweets:

People are mad about Braum’s

After word dropped about Braum’s wanting to tear down the Hi-Lo to build another plastic hamburger castle, everyone had opinions… (-Lucas)

Worse Selfie Ever

Is this really the lead singer of No Doubt or a cardboard cutout? Did she get her nails done or just run in to use the restroom and this was your ambush attempt to get a picture with her? Or worse yet did you use a flip phone with no forward facing screen? (-Steven)


You don’t need to follow a weather person on Twitter to find out there was an earthquake in Oklahoma. You only need 2 friends on Facebook who live in Oklahoma because odds are if one of them are half sober they are letting everyone know. (-Steven)

At least someone is reading…

I think that’s a compliment? (-Lucas)

Thunder Alley returns

Thankfully there was no shooting in Bricktown, otherwise all future Garth Brooks concerts would be cancelled. – Patrick

So Which Is It?

So is Harold Hamm the richest person in Oklahoma or is the whole family included? If it is the family does it also include his ex-wife who he had to pay $1 billion to go away? A check like that would bounce a lot of banks. (-Steven)

Slow Social Media Day

Of all the dumb things to fight about on Twitter the rankings of area codes has to rank up there with the dumbest. I should probably stop there. (-Steven)

Dan Rather had a good time in Oklahoma

I have no idea what he was doing in Oklahoma, but at least he knew enough to get some good beef while he was here. (-Lucas)

Not Legal in the 405

First of all, marijuana for any purpose is illegal in all of Oklahoma. Second of all, you should not hang out with boys. Real men know how to roll, missy. (-Steven)

Alamo Bowl Ring Diss

The beauty of the internet is Central Michigan quickly got word of the Pokes slight omission of a certain loss last football season. The ugly side of the internet is Central Michigan won’t soon let the Pokes forget that one other loss. (-Steven)

Under the Radar

Ah, that’s just ol’ Tony. He’s a good boy, until he gets some whiskey in him. (-Lucas)

Dear God, Abigail Ogle is going to rule the world someday…

Told you so! More info to come. – Patrick

Dean Blevins Memorial Tweet of the Week featuring Dean Blevins

Well, it’s been five days. Is he still close to signing? – Patrick