Friday Night In The Big Town

I’ve been forced to take personal time off from work all week so I can track Maggie Carlo’s return to KOCO 5. She’s bringing her Chicago eyeshadow to Oklahoma y’all. And apparently, judging by the around the clock coverage, KOCO and Maggie Carlo think we give a darn. My only hope is that next to return to the Oklahoma City airwaves is Wendell Edwards. No one covers an ice storm standing on I-35 in front of the Outback Steakhouse in Norman like Wendell.

Before we all head to the bathroom to girl-talk about if we think Maggie has had some work done or is simply wearing too much makeup, here’s your Friday Night In the Big Town.

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival & Rodeo
August 10 – 12
Jeff Davis Park
Rush Springs

I don’t know if Maggie has a personal invitation from Joleen Chaney to attend the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival or not but with Maggie being new in town, again, it sure would be nice if Joleen extended a half-sincere invitation.

Technically, all the watermelon fun begins on Saturday. But those folks in Rush Springs know you can’t just jump into watermelon festivals, you have to warm up to the idea. It’s kind of like me a week before Thanksgiving. I like to have a week of priming my stomach for all the gluttonous behavior it’s about to witness. Tonight in Rush Springs there is a rodeo. Silly me, I only assumed there was a rodeo every night in Rush Springs, but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate watermelons than sitting out in the heat watching Joleen Chaney barrel race.

Jabee in Concert
Tower Theatre
Oklahoma City

I’ll be honest, I got a little excited when I thought Jay-Z was coming to Oklahoma. Imagine the egg on my face when I realized it was Oklahoma City’s Emmy Award-winning rapper instead. I wonder if Jabee has a wife name Yebonce?

Not only is Jabee gracing us with his fan favorites like “G’s Era” and “Don’t Love Back,” it’s also his birthday. I hope someone takes him to the Melting Pot because fondue is the only way to honor a proper Oklahoma City birthday.

And if Jabee wasn’t enough for you, then listen up because Boston DJ, producer and ShowOff record label founder, Statik Selektah will also be joining Jabee, and I don’t mean maybe. Talk about burying the lead.

“The Chainsaw Artist” – A play written by Russ Tallchief, Osage playwright
August 11
8:00 p.m.
Earth Rebirth
327 E. Comanche St.

The Chainsaw Artist actually sounds rather interesting, although it claims to contain mature content. I’m not really sure what that means and I certainly hope that no one gets the wrong idea. Fraternity boys, I’m looking in your direction.

According to the event description, the play is about an Osage chainsaw artist that lives deep in the woods, sneaking into Pawhuska at night to secretly carve animals in tree stumps around town. No one has seen him in years and many people believe he is a ghost. When a woman decides to track down the artist in the woods, she discovers much more than just a ghost story.

Ok, right there, I’m hooked. However, if I do break myself away from my Maggie watch, only to find out the chainsaw artist is The Pioneer Woman Ree Drumond, I’m going to demand my money back. And yes, I know it’s a free event.