Monday Morning Tweets

Howdy, pardners! Here’s hoping your weekend was full of fun and sun and outdoors and state fairs and football and all those things. I ended up catching whatever bug that’s been going around lately, and have spent the entire weekend on quarantine with snot oozing out of every fiber of my body and a full-blown fever. Seriously, if someone at your work has this shit and shows up at the office, send them home and then burn their whole cubicle down, you don’t want to take any chances. Anyways, I’m gonna pound these tweets out real quick so I can go back to bed:

Great State Fair of Oklahoma, Week 1

It’s the greatest week and a half of the year for carnies, aggies, and people watchers. That’s right, the state fair has rolled into town, and there’s still a whole week left. If you get to make it out there this week and have any good tweets about the experience, use the hashtag #OKstatefair, and if there’s enough good ones, we’ll do another round of these next Monday!

Is this the place that used to be the Roadrunner strip club? If so, I’m seriously bummed that I missed my chance to go to a titty bar with carnies.

There goes any plans I had of sleeping tonight.

Dear god, first a tornado, and now the Oak Ridge Boys?! Will the forces of nature ever leave our fairgrounds alone?

There they are, just ripping the whole place up. Here’s a game, which one is your dad?

Yeesh. So that is a pretty awful racial stereotype. But at least it’s kinda a win for body positivity, since normally people with legs the size of their whole torso aren’t given any exposure.

It would seriously take a tuxedo for anyone to stand out to us at the fair these days.

Enes Kanter needs a bro

Seriously though, are there any good Turkish food joints in the metro? Let me know in the comments.

And now a word from our sponsor…

Okay, that’s not technically a tweet from Hideaway, but it does give me a chance to self-promote and let everyone know we’ll be in Tulsa for an Ogletoberfest pint night tomorrow night at the Hideaway Pizza on Cherry Street. Whatever you do, please do not call it Cherry Creek…

Local news is getting creepy

Yeah bro I totally have a cadaver sniffing dog you can just borrow for your wild corpse hunt. It ain’t even October yet, Halloween comes earlier every year.

Shout-out to Head Country

I could swap Head Country for the milk with my Cap’n Crunch. It’s that. Damn. Good.

OK Democrats in action

Seriously, is this not the saddest looking potluck? Where’s all the food? That one guy is just gonna eat his headphones.

CFB Round-Up

I am not going to make any claims that I am the end all know all leading authority on college football. That being said, the Pokes have played a 1-2 Tulsa, 1-2 South Bama, and can you guess Pitt’s record? Yup, 1-2. I mean, it’s like oSu knows they schedule cupcakes before the season starts, so it’s kind of early to be handing out G.O.A.T. titles.

How bad is the blood between Penn State and Pitt when your rival is throwing shade during a game? Penn State is making PSA’s when the Pokes are hanging half a hundred on Pitt before halftime.

Unique haircuts are not a bad thing. I mean the POTUS has a one of a kind hairstyle and everyone takes him serious and does not mock him one bit.

OU’s new back-up tight end looks really old, but it seems to be working out for them alright, so…

I am not trying to blow my own horn here, but I aced anatomy in college. I’ve stared at this picture for three straight minutes and I have no idea what the hell part of the human body he took a picture of and posted.

There seems to be a lot of apathy when it comes to how one school’s fans view the other school. Except for one soccer dad on my daughters team. He goes out of his way to bash the other school and I am ok with that because he makes ridiculous bets and loses money. Find that dad in your life and make those bets. (-Steven)

Under the Radar

That’s crazy, they’re filming the new Fast & Furious movie in Oklahoma! Can’t wait to see how this new fight between Dom and Shaw turns out.

Dear God, Abigail Ogle is going to rule the world someday

Nah. It’s just a derogatory term applied to the poor, uneducated and impoverished migrant farm workers who fled Oklahoma in the 1920s and 1930s. It’s not offensive at all, Okie.

Dean Blevins Memorial Tweet of the Week featuring Dean Blevins

He didn’t answer my question. – Patrick