Quarterly reminder: Oklahoma is still one of the worst states in the nation

Obviously, y’all come here for a heavy dose of cynicism. If you wanted to be constantly imbued with the idea that Oklahoma is the greatest place in the universe, you’d work at a trendy boutique that sold a lot of screen-printed t-shirts emblazoned with cute logos in the shape of our state, or slogans like ‘Brunch & Dogs & Yoga & Queso.”

Instead, you’re here, champing at the bit to find out new reasons to despise the place you live. No fear, some new studies came out this week. I got you fam! First, from KOCO:

Oklahoma is among the country’s top 10 worst-run states, according to a recent study by 24/7 Wall St.

The study reviews economic indicators, budget allocations and balance sheets, in addition to a range of social measures to rank how well each state is run.

The report ranks Oklahoma the ninth worst-run state…

Minnesota is the best-run state in the country, while Louisiana is the worst-run state, according to the report.

SUCK ON THAT, LOUISIANA! Also, is anyone reading this in Minneapolis who is looking for a roommate?

None of this should be any surprise to our faithful readers. Another sad study was reported on by the Tulsa World:

Fewer Oklahomans are smoking and are obese but the percentage of uninsured is almost the worst in the nation, according to a comprehensive annual health report released Tuesday.
Overall, the state moved up three spots — from 46th in 2016 to 43rd this year — in the annual America’s Health Rankings report by the not-for-profit United Health Foundation.
The report contains rankings in dozens of health factors including smoking, drug deaths, violent crime, immunizations and numbers of doctors, dentists and uninsured residents. Lower ranking numbers mean better conditions in the report, with first being the best and 50th the worst.

Obviously, there’s some quite clear correlation between these two studies. Our state government is more concerned with appeasing ONG and all the other big lobbying interests than they are with providing health care and other basic programs required for the working class to stay alive and keep this unbalanced economy running.

As a counterpoint, we’d like to provide for you 4 reasons why Oklahoma really isn’t so bad. It’s easy to just complain all the time about the horrible parts of the state. Here’s a dose of optimism to help wash the bad taste our of your mouth:

-Cheap gasoline

Currently, Oklahoma has the cheapest gas prices in the country, which is going to be great for drivers traveling for the holidays. It’s a good thing that our state doesn’t rely on making money off of oil, or else we’d be screwed.

-Braum’s Ice Cream and Burger Restaurant

If you find yourself within any civilized area of Oklahoma, you’re bound to be within a rocky road’s throw of a Braum’s. Aside from their classic burgers that they haven’t changed at all, they are wonderful stewards of their community, always looking out to preserve what makes Oklahoma special.

-All that lottery money for our schools

It’s been such a great thing for our education system getting that lottery. It’s made it to where the state doesn’t have to fund education anymore, letting our next generation thrive off of four days a week!

-Big fish, small pond

Let’s be real, the best thing about living in Oklahoma is that it’s easy to have a decent lifestyle with lots of nice friends and a backyard without having to try too hard. Take your talents to the coast, and you’ll have to work twice as hard just to afford a crummy apartment in a better place. It’s better to have amenities in a state that’s burning down than nothing in a well-run place. (By the way, I’m kinda serious about those Minneapolis roommate offers, hit me up).

So what keeps you here in Oklahoma? Give us some positivity in the comments down below.