10 Things You May Have Missed Over The Holidays

Welcome back!

Before we get started with this “back to reality” recap, I’d like to give props to the OU football team for finding another way to get my new year started on a sour note. They are getting way too good at this. This is like the 7th or 8th time since 2001, isn’t it? You’d think I’d smarten up and quit caring by now.

I took some time off over the holidays because A) internet traffic slows down and B) I own this stupid website and get to do what I want, so I thought it would be nice to catch up on some of the stories we would have covered over the holiday break…

1. Jack and Ron are out of work

It looks like Linda Cavanaugh has a couple of new people to play bingo with.

Less than two years after they were moved from 98.9 KISS FM to FUN 96.9, OKC morning radio mainstays Jack Elliot and Ron Williams were given the pink slips on Friday. They’re the latest casualties in digital media’s war against the old guard.

Here’s their statement:

That sucks. Just like you, I haven’t listened to Jack and Ron in ages – which I guess would account for the “budget cuts” – but they seemed like a couple of nice guys. Hopefully they land on their feet and get a used car or furniture outlet spokesperson gig soon.

2. Mike Morgan Blocked Us On Twitter

Mike Morgan got mad and blocked us on Twitter like we were an Oklahoma Sooner linebacker. He also blocked our trivia night account.

I guess Mike didn’t like that we trolled him on Christmas Eve about the snowy winter weather he promised a couple of weeks earlier. We asked Emily Sutton to intervene on our behalf. This was her response:

Wow. David Payne has blocked Emily Sutton on Twitter?! Scandal! Does he also block puppies and rainbows?

Since Emily can’t help us, our only other choice is Marla. Maybe she can send us some photographs to convince Mike to change his mind??? I need to know which potential Oklahoma weather systems are forming in Sea of Japan!

3. Scott Inman has finished reprioritizing his life.

Two months after he abruptly ended his gubernatorial campaign and announced he would be stepping down from the legislature during a heated legislative session to “reprioritize his life,” Scott Inman has announced he’s got it all figured out.

He made the announcement on the Friday before a long Christmas weekend – a.k.a. the ideal time for an unpopular politician to share eye-rolling news about their future plans:

“After much consideration and consultation with my family, I have decided to honor the trust and faith shown to me by the citizens of Del City and south Oklahoma City when they elected me to serve as their representative for the sixth time in November of 2016. Today, I am announcing my intent to return to the Oklahoma House next session to complete the important work facing our great state. As the Legislature continues to work toward a bipartisan budget solution to address the myriad of fiscal challenges facing our kids, senior and veterans. I want to ensure my constituents have the voice and the representation they rightfully deserve.”

Wow. How noble of Scott. I wonder if he also thinks his constituents “rightfully deserve” an indecisive slouch who can barely manage his private life and appears to be hiding things?

Okay, that was mean. I guess I’m still bitter about that OU game.

4. Kirk Humphreys resigns from OU Board of Regents. Should also probably resign from John Rex Elementary Board.

Thanks to his homophobic religious “beliefs” that place gay and lesbian people in the same category as pedophiles, Kirk Humphreys resigned from the OU Board of Regents right when everyone started checking out for Christmas.

For some reason, Kirk has not yet stepped down from the board for John Rex Elementary. He had a private meeting with angry parents, OKC School Board President Paula Lewis, and OKC NAACP head Garland Pruitt a few weeks ago, and let’s say it didn’t go well. You can read The Oklahoman’s version of events here, but when you do, keep in mind it’s published in an OK GOP establishment newspaper that wants to protect Kirk and hope this thing quietly goes away. We’ll touch base on it later this week to make sure it doesn’t.

5. Charleston’s is open in Bricktown

Last week, a new Charleston’s open in lower Bricktown. Since Charleston’s is probably his favorite restaurant, News 9’s Steve Shaw jumped on the chance to cover it:

Visitors to Lower Bricktown now see a familiar face in the restaurant space that used to be known as “KD’s.”

Charleston’s opened its 7th Oklahoma City area location last month right next to Toby Keith’s, along the Bricktown Canal. After Kevin Durant bolted OKC for Golden State in July 2016, the spot was renamed the “Legacy Grill.”

As someone who remembers when Bricktown was the hot spot destination in OKC, this is kind of sad. Bricktown needs more local restaurants – not another chain. This would be like the Plaza District getting a Louie’s in 2024.

“[Legacy Grill] just never picked up to what we expected,” said Nathan Couch, who works for the Hal Smith Restaurant Group. The company operates many of the most popular restaurants and restaurant chains in the Oklahoma City area.

“We had a big push for Charleston’s to come into this area, and Hal knew it, it was a great location, and a great opportunity, and he pulled the trigger,” he said.

Yeah. Who hasn’t been to Bricktown and thought “Hmmn. You know that this place needs? A new Charleston’s.” I’m sure the people visiting Bass Pro will like it, and be impressed by how quickly the servers refill the drinks.

6. Brianna Bailey has left The Oklahoman.

There’s one less employee for The Oklahoman to fire during their next round of layoffs.

We’ve learned that Oklahoman Business reporter Brianna Bailey has left the paper to join The non-profit Tulsa Frontier. Basically, she’s jumped off the sinking ship to cling to the life preserver.

I’m not sure what Brianna will do with The Frontier, but hopefully it has something to do with Pearl Jam. The Oklahoman announced that Brianna will be replaced by press releases from the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

7. Death Metal Drummer reaches settlement with OKCPD

Last week, a well-known death metal drummer, if there is such a thing, reached a $30,000 agreement with the OKCPD over a 2014 incident at an after-party following a show at the Downtown airpark:

A well-known death metal drummer has accepted a $30,000 settlement to end his lawsuit over his 2014 arrest in Oklahoma City.

Phil Dubois-Coyne, now 32, suffered a broken arm when police arrested him at a concert after-party early Aug. 8, 2014, at the Downtown Airpark…

Look at that! There’s a new Coyne making news in Oklahoma City, and this time around it has nothing to with Miley Cyrus or damaging an artistic legacy. What a relief!

In the lawsuit, attorneys argued his chanting was exercising his First Amendment rights. They argued he was resisting an unlawful arrest and was taken to the ground in a negligent and excessive manner. “Bystanders could hear the bone break,” they told a judge.

Attorneys for the city told the judge the arrest was lawful, the level of force was not excessive and Dubois-Coyne was injured as a result of his own illegal actions.

Hefton acknowledged Dubois-Coyne and another performer were chanting, “F— the police” at the “Mayhem Fest” after-party in Oklahoma City. She explained, though, that they were just repeating the lyrics of a popular heavy metal song, “Cop Killer.”

They should have chanted the chorus from “Do You Realize.” The cops would have been more understanding.

8. Trae Young is insane

During my Thanksgiving news recap, I mentioned “Trae Young is pretty damn good.” I’d like to formally apologize for selling the man short.

I’ve been watching basketball for about 35 years or so, and I’ve never seen a player at his age do what Trae Young can do on the court. I always thought Blake Griffin would be the most skilled and talented player I’d ever see play hoops at OU in my lifetime. I was wrong.

9. We only had 294 3.0 or larger earthquakes in 2017

Hang the Mission Accomplished banner at the State Capitol! On Christmas Day, the AP reported that Oklahoma “only” had 294 noticeable earthquakes in 2017.

Regulators and scientists say the number of 3.0 magnitude or stronger earthquakes in Oklahoma is declining.

The Oklahoma Geological Survey reports the number of quakes of at least that magnitude during 2017 was 294 through mid-December, compared to 624 total during 2016.

That’s nice! After years of inaction and resistance, the plan to reduce man-made earthquakes to slightly less noticeable levels is working. It must be a result of the stabilization of water levels at Lake Arcadia.

10. I’m going to be a dad!

Well, I guess you can say I care more about our state’s education system now.

Over the holiday weekend, my significant other and I announced that we’ll be welcoming this currently unnamed skeleton-faced girl to the world in May. Yeah, that’s right. I’m going to be a dad. May Lord Gary England protect us.

I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts and observations about this over the next five months to a lifetime, but for now, I just wanted to share what’s been on the back and front of my mind. I couldn’t be more excited and nervous. Here’s to a great 2018!