Oklahoma-filmed “Hellraiser: Judgement” trailer is released…

Nearly two years ago, we brought you the news that the next installment in Clive Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’ franchise was being filmed right here in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This was back in 2016, in retrospect a magical time where anything could have happened. Instead, now I’m thinking, ‘What if a bunch of masochistic other-worldly demons took over? We might be better off…”

As a horror fan, this both excited and repulsed me. It’s pretty cool to have one of the most famous horror series shoot a film in your backyard. The flipside of this is that pretty much every single Hellraiser movie after the second ranges from very bad to absolutely unwatchable.

The production studio that owns the rights has been cranking these out every few years just so they can hang onto the rights, which is the dumbest thing. This is the tenth sequel, and even most diehard fans checked out after the fourth or fifth. Why not just make one good movie instead of all these straight-to-video abominations? It’s like opting for a Braum’s Bag ‘O Burgers instead of just getting a juicy one from Nic’s.

Here’s the trailer for the movie:

Hmm.. It looks like a cheap rip-off of the ‘Saw’ films (which are in themselves extreme gore rip-offs of the movie ‘Se7en’). All of the make-up FX looks pretty well-done, at least, and I didn’t notice any egregious CGI in that trailer, which is a huge bonus for me. But the plot seems to be the played-out “detective investigating some fucked up murders gets in way over his head” kinda story.

The movie does have a couple of TLO connections. Former TLO Trivia Night Host / contributor Joel Decker makes his acting debut as The Butcher.

Plus, local actress and former Hot Girl Friday Alexandra Harris stars as one of the detectives:

Anyways, Hellraiser: Judgement comes out right before Valentines Day, and I’m exactly the kind of sucker who will watch this. If there’s any notable Guthrie locations, like the Pollard Theater, or a bunch of antique stores that never seem to be open, maybe I’ll do a movie review after it comes out.