Is it me, or is it getting a little too eugenics-y in Oklahoma?

It turns out citizens of this great state don’t even need the legalization of marijuana to become a hot paranoid mess. Members of our ruling establishment already get away with enough bat shittery (real word) as it is without them resulting to archaic tactics aimed at culling what they consider to be undesirables. Is it me, or is Oklahoma getting a little too eugenics-y for comfort?

Via the Norman Transcript…

An Oklahoma woman convicted of using a counterfeit check had herself medically sterilized at the suggestion of the judge, who said he would consider it during her sentencing.

U.S. District Judge Stephen Friot made the suggestion to Summer Thyme Creel, 34, in June, The Oklahoman reported. In his order, the judge noted that Creel had relinquished her parental rights to six of her seven children.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, eugenics involves the selection of desired characteristics aimed at improving future generations of humans. Sounds peachy, right? Not when the practice involved the forced sterilization of “undesirable” men and women, like the poor, the sick, and all around ne’er-do-wells, as the government called them.

The “goal” of the law was to get criminals and other undesirables out of the gene pool by sterilizing them after so many run ins with the law, whether or not they actually committed a crime. But what it did was oppress groups of people who were more or less products of the system.

Here’s more…

Friot said he can consider anything about Creel’s background, character and conduct during sentencing.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica Perry, though, asked the judge not to consider the procedure during sentencing, saying Creel has a fundamental constitutional right to procreate and that she had an interest in the procedure prior to the court order.

“Furthermore, Creel’s decision to have [or not have] additional children is sufficiently removed from the type of criminal activity involved in this case that such a factor is irrelevant to determining a sentence,” the prosecutor wrote.

So if the option to be sterilized has no link to the crime with which this woman is charged, why the hell did the judge suggest that she be sterilized? It seems like the whole eugenics thing isn’t as far back in the past as we hoped…

You see, in the 1930s, Oklahoma had a three-strikes law based on eugenics. Basically, you get three felonies and your baby-making days are over. If this law were still in place, Oklahoma lawmakers would be guarding their loins instead of using them to allegedly engage in more felonies.

Oh wait. The law exempted potential white-collar felons, like bankers, politicians, and other members of the ruling class, from forced sterilization. So either way, our esteemed lawmakers would still be safe. Which is probably why it’s cool that House Bill 2543 was introduced…


Could the State of Oklahoma become the latest state to implement a form of what’s called “chemical castration” when it comes to certain sex offenders?

Evidently, it’s in the works

Oklahoma legislator Rick West introduced House Bill 2543 outlining what exactly counts as a “sexually violent offense” and how chemical castration could be the punishment.

The bill also mentions requiring chemical castration for a second or other repeat offense.

Now do I think that sex offenders should be free from punishment? No. I think they should all be arrested and forced to wear an Ephesians 5:22 t-shirt for the duration of their prison sentence. Do I think that they possess genetics that led them to lead a criminal lifestyle and thus should be kept from reproducing in the future? Well, I’m not a Nazi, so no.

Is the behavior undesirable? Yes. But does that mean the person is undesirable? Chemical castration may lead to an ineffective dick, but it doesn’t stop someone from being a dick and continuing to offend. Maybe if we funneled more time and attention toward rehabilitation in the prison system, our lawmakers wouldn’t have to take advice from Hitler to write our laws.

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