Friday Night in the Big Town

What a week! A new mayor, no teacher raises (surprise, surprise) and another Oklahoma government scandal. The funny thing is, none of this came as much of a shock to most of us. Holt was going to win, everyone supports the teachers, but no one can agree on how to get them the money they deserve and Preston Doerflinger has proven himself to be an angry asshole on more than one occasion. So, with everyone being inundated with this information all week, let’s find something fun to do this weekend.

Lunar New Year Celebration
Super Cao Nguyen  |  Feb. 17 and 18

Speaking of Lunar New Year…here is the real deal. Head to the Asian District to ring in the Year of the Dog (how appropriate is that considering all that’s come to light in terms of men lately). The lion dancers begin at 3, there will be lots of food and of course, over one million firecrackers! So, if you live close to the Asian District, expect traffic and noise, but don’t be a grump, go experience some culture; it’s free!

Wanda Jackson
Tower Theatre  |  Feb. 17  |  7pm-11:30pm

Yes, another event at Tower. I should get something for all this free advertising. But, in all fairness, this place always has something cool going on. Wanda Jackson is from Maud, Oklahoma and is known as the Queen of Rockabilly, plus, she’s freaking 80 years old and still booking gigs! Whether you’re In the Middle of a Heartache or crying into your Fancy Satin Pillows – Let’s Have a Party! Jackson is a member of the Oklahoma Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, The Gospel Music Hall of Fame and the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame; she’s earned mad respect and should be seen.

Cajun Corner Grand Opening
9200 N. Council  |   Feb. 17   |   11am-9pm

Didn’t quite make it to New Orleans for Fat Tuesday and all the purple, gold and green have you craving some gumbo or blackened catfish? This place is as close to the Big Easy as it gets in OKC. Enjoy $2 draft beer all day, free samples, hourly giveaways and Dragon Dancing to celebrate the Lunar New Year at 3:30. What does a Lunar New Year celebration have to do with Cajun food? I have no idea but I like the inclusivity or at the very least the chutzpah to capitalize on something that might help get folks in the door.

Enjoy the weekend and send comments or snide remarks (preferably the latter) to me @KimMizar.