Monday Morning Tweets

Howdy, pardners! You’ve had a full day to change your timepieces over, so hopefully your internal clocks have adjusted to Daylight Saving Time. If a bill that was recently passed by our state senate makes it all the way through, it will eliminate our participation in the long-standing practice of changing the time for this observance. I’m personally opposed to the bill because 1) let’s maybe write legislation that deals with important issues our constituency is actually concerned with, and 2) we’ll have just gotten cheated out of an hour of sleep and y’all don’t even wanna give it back to me later this year? Next time I get a dozen full-color mailers in my box the week before an election, if I don’t see a bullet point regarding support for Nocturnal Rights, I’m totally over voting.


Last weekend, OKC hosted a Severe Weather Awareness Expo. If it weren’t for the magic of Twitter, I’d have never even known about this, and I wish I could have attended. While my first assumption would be that the event would be held at one of the mid-century building on the fairgrounds, it was actually at Penn Square Mall. Yes, it was an opportunity to bump shoulders with your favorite network meteorologists, AND hit the Gap’s clearance rack. I heard a rumor that Patrick bought a fresh pair of pleated khakis from Dillard’s that afternoon so he could impress Emily Sutton, but can’t get any confirmation.

Unless the gift bag contains an emergency bottle of Xanax and a fifth of whiskey, I don’t know how useful it will be for me when the shit is really going down.


Aaron loves five things in life – spray tan, push ups, weather, Facebook likes and jeans with bedazzled back pockets.

V impressed by this hi-res photo from a photojournalist from KFOR.

If you look at that last photo, it appears they have found a way to imprison a tornado. Normally, I’d be impressed, but Oklahoma can find a way to put just about anyone behind bars.

Wait, there was cosplay at this expo?! Y’all gotta let me know the next time this happens, because I’ve got a sweet Mike Morgan’s Bedazzled Tie costume that I haven’t yet had an excuse to wear.

That’s the saddest selection of candy I’ve ever seen. It’s like they just brought their office candy bowl after all the chocolate got pilfered from it. At least drop in some loose M&M’s or something.

Super useful that dude brought a drone into Penn Square Mall to get those camera angles that could only be captured from… the second floor next to the escalator by anyone with a cell phone.

I love this as a suggestion for how to spend your Saturday. If we could mash Harry Potter, storm chasing, and drag queens all into one event, I feel like we could really do some work on uniting all kinds of people in Oklahoma.

West Knows Best

C’mon, don’t act like if your granny had a bunch of skulls and wicked stuff like that on her arms that you wouldn’t think she was a total badass. As long as they ain’t in the (totally NSFW) Snake Pit, we’re good.

And you thought hail could damage your roof…

March Madness

Yesterday, it came out that OU will be playing in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, but OSU will not. I don’t follow college basketball and thus have zero idea how any of this works out, but it was apparently controversial, and people on Twitter (mostly Cowboys fans) were pissed:

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Pretty sure that if Mary Fallin doesn’t clean her closet when she moves out of the governor’s mansion, there will be a few blouses like this there for the taking for whomever moves in next.


NBA Twitter was blowing up on Saturday night, when Nick Collison got some crucial minutes in the team’s 104-94 point win versus the Spurs. After Steven Adams went down with a nasty sprained ankle, it was #4’s chance to step up and show his value. The long-time fan favorite scored 7 points in 6 minutes. To put that into context, he hasn’t averaged that many points over a season since the team’s first year here back in 2008. By the end of his stretch, he was receiving “MVP!” chants, and we were talking about retiring his jersey.

Why not. If the current streak of playoff banners cannot go up in the rafters, this is a decent enough substitution. (-Steven)

Nick is a great example for how to live your life. Don’t worry about being the star. Just figure out what your role is, do it as well as you can, and have great hair.

For the non-stats people out there, this is a good thing. We would like to think Westbrook is Superman, but he needs a breather every once in a while. (-Steven)

Phoning up Jim Traber to call him out on his BS is a level of petty that even Russell Westbrook has not reached. Raise our man’s number to the rafters of the ‘Peake for this move alone.

So did you get his autograph or what?

Under the Radar

This could be anywhere between “Reservoir Dogs-inspired edgy indie flick” to “remake of a kitschy 70’s property” to “Batman & Robin had nipples on the Batsuit,” and whatever it is, I’m here for it.

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