7 things to do for St. Patrick’s Day in OKC

Out of all the holidays we observe in America, the best ones are drinking holidays. Especially when they fall on Saturday. It’s a day-drinker’s paradise!

That being said, there’s a lot going on in Oklahoma City on St. Patrick’s Day for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. As a loyal service to TLO readers, we thought it would be a good idea to run down seven things to do in OKC for St. Patrick’s Day. Grab your light-up shot glass necklace, four leaf clover t-shirt, and green Seuss hat, hop into an Uber, and get to partying:

1. O’City St. Patrick’s Fest and Parade
11am | Downtown OKC

At the Lost Ogle we’re always suckers for a good parade, especially when our founder and publisher, the appropriately named Patrick, will be Assistant Grand Marshall and Official Green Beer Taster!

Marching off at 11 am, the O’City Parade is the perfect way to get your St. Patrick’s Day rolling, as long as you remember to stay hydrated, eat regularly, and pace out your drinking for the rest of the day. The parade starts at Reno and Hudson, before it takes an eastern turn at Sheridan, where it will continue until it reaches the Bricktown Ballpark. Expect to see kilted men playing bagpipes, the local VW Club rolling through with cool cars, clowns, motorcycles, and floats. The event will also feature food and beverage tents along the procession.

It might be a little chilly that morning, so no one is going to judge if you don’t show up in a kilt, but have an Irish coffee or two before leaving the house, and you should be fine.

2. Bricktown Block Party
Reno & Oklahoma Ave  |  Noon – Midnight

After the parade is over, be sure to stick around downtown for an all-day concert and party at Reno and Oklahoma on the south edge of Bricktown.

The huge party will of course be serving green beer, but it’s probably also the only outdoor event serving 45-oz pitchers of Green PBR for $10, w/ refills running $7. You can pretend like it is a giant vessel of The Ooze and it will turn you into a Ninja Turtle. Or don’t, but it’s a lot more fun that way. They’ll also have Guinness Blonde and Stout, Coop IPA, Boulevard Wheat, Modelo Especial and Dale’s Pale Ale. If you’re watching carbs, grab a green margarita instead.

To go with all the booze, the Bricktown Block Party will also have a selection of local food trucks. And instead of just piping Dropkick Murphys over the PA, they’ve got live music booked all day. Check out Weekend All Stars, The Flannels, metro mainstay Mike Hosty, and other acts.

3. McNellie’s Block Party
1100 Classen Dr. in Midtown  |  10am – 1am

McNellie’s has been open for nearly a decade, and are obviously one of the best places in OKC to spend your St. Patty’s day. Not only does their interior feature beautiful furniture that they imported from legit Irish pubs, but they close off a huge chunk around their building to create an Irish version of a biergarten for St Patrick’s Day. If you’ve ever been inside, surely you’ve noticed the digital clock on the wall counting down the hours and minutes until March 17th, so obviously McNellie’s takes it very seriously.

What makes their party great is that they offer plenty of options for drinking. Sure, you can get a Guinness (and you are pretty much obligated to enjoy at least one), but they’ve got one of the largest beer selections in the city. With everything from Old World British and European beers to the newfangled craft stuff that the youngsters are crazy about these days, they will be sure to have something to please everyone, not to mention a menu chockfull of hearty Irish food.

4. Energy FC Opening Night
Taft Stadium |  2501 N. May Ave  |  7pm

It’s kinda crazy to think that the Energy Football Club will be kicking off their fifth season in Oklahoma City this Saturday, but it’s true. In that time, they’ve built up a huge local following in a place where most people probably thought would have never been into a type of football that doesn’t include a quarterback. This Saturday night, they’ll be hosting their main rival, the Tulsa Roughnecks, on their home turf of Taft Stadium at 7 pm. The team features an international roster from countries like Mexico, Wales, Ghana, and Spain. The Energy are just coming off a 2017 playoff run where they made it all the way to the conference finals. Tickets are selling really fast and range from $11 – $51, so hit up their website and snag them now before you get left out when they’re all gone. And before you ask, yes, they have beer, courtesy of OKC’s own Coop Ale Works.

5. Political Gestures
Oklahoma Contemporary | 3000 General Pershing Blvd  |  8pm

Green beer and Kiss Me I’m Irish shirts are not for everyone. Maybe you don’t like the crowds and the debauchery that follows, and would prefer to do something different. In that case, Oklahoma Contemporary has the event for you. Beginning right at 8 pm, Political Gestures begins at the State Fairgrounds. It’s free (!), and will host a group of drag queens from Tahlequah, Tulsa and Oklahoma. Their performance will include historic civil rights speeches and details from interviews with members and leaders in the local LGBTQ+ movement. There will also be speeches and interviews with members and leaders in the local LGBTQ+ movement. The performers will discuss the queer-rights movement, the role of drag performers within the culture, and other issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community. The event is to be filmed for a documentary that will first be shown at a film installation in Houston, and eventually have an Oklahoma premiere in Tahlequah in June. Aside from it being guaranteed to be a really fun time, if you attend you might get to see yourself in a movie!

6. Go Green – St. Patrick’s Day in The Gardens
Myriad Botanical Gardens  |   301 W Reno Ave  |  Noon – 4pm

If you want to take the kids somewhere and not worry about getting green beer spilled on their head, check out Go Green at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. It will include free music, food trucks and face painting. For $5, little leprechauns can make fruit loop rainbow necklaces, plant-a-pot-of-[mari]gold, and visit other fun booths on the Sheridan Lawn.

7. You Got Game with Shea Serrano
Downtown Library  |  300 Park Ave  |  2pm

I know what you’re thinking- why are you trying to drag me to the library on St Patrick’s Day? But hear me out, this is gonna be a really cool and special event. Bestselling author Shea Serrano will be coming by the Downtown Library to talk about writing and do a Q&A after. If you were an avid reader of Bill Simmon’s defunct Grantland website, or his new endeavor The Ringer, you’ve probably read one of Serrano’s hilarious pieces. He mostly writes about the NBA, and instead of being dry, analytical writing, it’s more like stuff you’d talk about with your buddies, like a recent article where he determines that Russell Westbrook is the worst person to be dunked on in the NBA.

In 2015, he published the simultaneously informative and entertaining The Rap Yearbook, and recently rose to the top of the charts with Basketball (And Other Things), where he discusses topics like which players you’d want on your side if you were in the movie The Purge (hint: it’s Steven Adams). Serrano is one of the most endearing writers around at the moment, so this event is likely to fill up fast. It’s free to attend, but tickets will be available at the library to ensure your entry starting at 10am Saturday morning.

Editor’s Note: Some of the businesses mentioned above are TLO advertisers. I guess that gives you another reason to get out and support them.