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Whether it’s a Jehovah’s Witness, storm window salesmen, or man breaking through your roommate’s bedroom window with a tire iron to steal a television, the biggest joy of owning a home security system is watching (or heckling) whoever appears on video.

As a result, The Lost Ogle has partnered with Security Options – Oklahoma’s top family owned security company and the official security provider for The Lost Ogle – to bring you three clips of local neighbors caught on camera doing neighborly things. Take a gander below, and vote for who you think should be TLO’s Neighbor of the Month!

1. The Driveway Dasher

Wow. That guy is a master of the “slightly jog while I hold my pants up” routine. His shuffle to steal the package looks more like the universally recognized post-Thai food dash to the bathroom than larceny. Let’s hope the package he stole had a belt in it!

2. The Pepsi Plunderers

These neighbors deserve a hero award for saving five metro kids from early onset diabetes! Seriously, that’s just impressive. By the time I’m three deaths deep into Game of Thrones reruns, I can barely find the motivation to walk from my couch to my kitchen to get a Dr. Thunder from the fridge. Yet they take the whole damn machine. Kendall Jenner would be proud!

Also, do you like how the guy bought a pop first before stealing the machine? Yeah, I guess he’ll get the money back after he and his buddy hit with a sledge-hammer, but that seemed pointless. Then again, maybe he was just thirsty from stealing a Doritos vending machine 20 minutes earlier.

3. The Punting Pair

You’ll get a kick out of this Punting Pair!

Paying tribute to their favorite crooks, thieves and other Dallas Cowboy greats, this duo teams up to take on a mutual opponent: a front door. BFFs for life, they politely take turns kicking the hell out of the thing, all the while making encouraging eye contact with each other. It’s almost like they are reassuring each other of their manhood between every kick. Now this is a team!

I do like how the bald man has a set of brass knuckles. Like that will help. He can’t even square up with a fiberglass door, much less a grown ass adult. I’m also going to take a shot in the dark here and say that the guy in the flat-billed hat uses Snapchat as his primary method of communication.


So, who deserves to be the Security Options Neighbor of the Month? Vote below!

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This post was sponsored by the metro’s own Security Options. Their 24/7 monitoring, HD video doorbell cameras, and other security features allow you to sit back, relax, and avoid answering the door to anyone who isn’t selling Girl Scout Cookies.