Is Scott Pruitt about to be canned by Trump?

Like one of those scraggly baby geese in the Dawn soap commercials being scrubbed up after an oil spill, Scott Pruitt’s political career seems to be struggling to stay alive. Ironically, the fact that his commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, has been backing him up during the numerous ethics probes against him only adds fuel to the dumpster fire that is his performance as EPA chief.

Via the Washington Post

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump offered a measured gesture of support for the embattled head of the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday, but those words of encouragement for Scott Pruitt also came with a White House warning about the ethical questions surrounding his travel spending and ties to Washington lobbyists…

In a phone call Monday, Trump told the EPA chief that “we’ve got your back” and urged him to “keep his head up” and “keep fighting,” according to two administration officials.

A big factor in feeling burnt out in your job is feeling like you have no support from upper management. Good thing that’s not the case for Scott Pruitt! Like whatever modge podge or tacky glue that keeps his wiry hair plastered on his oily scalp, Trump appears to be sticking by Scotty boy throughout this whole ethics investigation. While it may seem as though Trump has Pruitt’s back, it probably means he is really getting close enough to stab him there.

Here’s more…

Those officials said the praise referred to Pruitt’s work in loosening environmental regulations and his success at getting under the skin of environmental groups. But they added that the tone of Trump’s call was not entirely positive…

Trump has repeatedly praised endangered members of his administration while privately plotting their ouster and interviewing replacements. That tendency, and Trump’s tepid words Tuesday, suggested that Pruitt’s future at EPA is not assured despite the president’s apparently high regard for him over the past year.

Damn. That’s some Regina George level relational aggression, Donald. If his past handling of cabinet members says anything about the current situation, it looks like Scott Pruitt is close to being fired. But in all fairness to Trump (I feel like I need to shower after typing that), Scott Pruitt has done some shady deeds throughout his year as EPA Chief.

Recently two aids in Pruitt’s staff were given raises of tens of thousands of dollars without approval from the White House, which is sketchy even for a career lawmaker. Pruitt is looking so bad that even Fox News is calling him out on his bullshit.


Wow. You know it’s bad when Ed Henry is starting to sound like the voice of reason. Maybe it’s about time I take the parental block off of the Fox News channel next time I go visit my granddad’s house.

But in all seriousness, it looks like we are nearing the end of Scott Pruitt’s career in Washington. But don’t worry. He’s approved the dismantling of so many environmental regulations throughout his tenure as EPA Chief, he’ll probably have an oil and gas job lined out in no time.

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