5 news stories you’ve missed during the walkout

Happy Saturday, my fellow Oklahomans! Hopefully your work week was productive and meaningful. Unless you’re a teacher. Then I hope your week was cathartic and annoying to our esteemed lawmakers. It seems like we were bombarded in the media all week with nothing but stories of the teacher walkout.

Though the walkout is a notable event, it seems to have overshadowed a lot of other newsworthy stories that we at TLO would normally poke fun at. So to help you stay up-to-date with other things that have happened in our state over the last week, I have collected the top non-walkout related stories from 5 local media channels. Here are 5 WTF news stories you’ve missed since the walkout.

From The Tulsa World

On Monday, the Tulsa World reported on Angie Lynn Frost, who was caught driving a stolen vehicle and then, believing she might as well make her trip to jail worthwhile, stole a cop car. But in all seriousness, I do feel sorry for this woman. Not because her and everyone else in America’s dream of taking a cop car for a joy ride was cut short. But because I understand the agony of spending up to 25 minutes making sure my winged eyeliner is perfectly even for a night on the town, only for the stuff to smudge into a raccoon-like circle under my eyeballs because I forgot to use a primer.



Okay, so apparently this has been a thing since March. But it’s news to me and I’m writing this article, so I’m adding it. KFOR has a goose cam!!!!!!! I tuned in about 8:45 yesterday morning to see the mother goose chillin on her nest of eggs and staring off into the distance, likely contemplating motherhood, the meaning of life, or why the hell she decided to fly back to Oklahoma. Watching the video showed me how tough these birds can be. If you think your kid is a pain in the ass, imagine your ass sitting on him in egg form for 28-35 days.



KOCO said it’s cold.


From News 9

Like an Edmond mom to the coach who just benched her son Conner, referee Brian Barlow is coming after the parents of youth soccer players across Oklahoma. According to News 9, Barlow is offering up to $100 for videos of parents and coaches being unruly at their kids’ soccer games.  This is all in hopes of decreasing bad sportsmanship, foul language, and hospital bills for referees who were on the receiving side of Conner’s mom’s haymaker.


From NewsOK

Yes, this is about the Oklahoma education system.  But it’s not about the teacher walkout, so it’s okay. This week, NewsOK reported that 40% of Oklahoma high school graduates need remediation in at least one subject when they start college. That tells us how necessary it is for our state to fund education. It also tells us to have a little kindness and understanding in the comments section when it comes to typos by TLO contributors, because we are all mostly Oklahoma educated.

It took Hayley longer to find 5 articles that didn’t revolve around the walkout than it did to write this post. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek