FNITBT: Soccer, Yoga, and KATTFEST

Happy Friday, my fellow Oklahomans! While Kim is out, presumably doing stuff with her friends, I am coming back to my TLO roots for a day to bring you this week’s Friday Night in the Big Town. This week’s edition has something for everybody! As long as you enjoy mosh pits, psychological warfare, and sweating your butt off in the presence of strangers. So without further ado, here’s your weekly festivities!

Energy FC vs. Real Monarchs SLC

Saturday 8/11 at 7:30 PM

Tickets starting at $11

The last time I went to an Energy FC game, I did enough drinking and cussing in the 90 minute soccer game to erase all of the brownie points in heaven I earned by attending Falls Creek for two summers in high school. Back in May, I wrote an article about my experience in dabbling with psychological warfare and capes in The 46. But don’t just read about the fun! Go experience the thrill and comradery this Friday as the Energy FC hurts the Real Monarchs SLC real bad.


Friday 8/10 at 6:00

Tickets starting at $39.50

Dig that chain wallet out of your night stand and cut the sleeves off of your Tool t-shirt so you can show off that barbed wire cross tattoo. It’s time for KATTFEST 2018! This year’s performance includes music and interesting facial hair from bands such as Godsmack, Shinedown, and Like a Storm. Remember, lawn chairs are not allowed in the Zoo Amphitheater. But you can’t head bang while sitting anyway.

Blacklight Yoga

Friday 8/10 at 6:00

Tickets $15

Having lived in Edmond, America for over 4 years now, I thought I had seen it all. We have brick and mortar essential oils stores, dog daycares, and energy healing centers all within a 5-minute Tesla excursion. But it seems that Edmond has finally out-Edmond’d itself. You can join Body Mind Yoga Studio tonight for blacklight yoga. It is the exercise you know and hate, combined with wine, blacklights, and chill music. It’s like an EDM concert without the drugs or weird scene kids. You know, this event might actually be something I attend. Because the only way I am doing yoga in public is if I’m in the dark or drinking.

Hayley’s husband had a chain wallet when she met him. Follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek