5 Reasons AMP Festival is the best thing to happen to August in OKC

Summer’s wearing on, and even though school is starting across the metro, we’re in the middle of those boring days of summer. You know what I’m talking about. No basketball. College football doesn’t start until September. You want to do something, but what?

Enter AMP Festival, or Arts Music Power Festival, an all-ages event that is completely and totally free, designed to celebrate the art and work of powerful, creative women. It’s one part music festival, one part art show, one part maker’s market, and 100% where you need to be on Saturday, August 25th. It’s another awesome event made possible by (TLO sponsor alert) Fowler Automotive, as well as an excuse to spend the day shopping, eating, drinking, and enjoying some live music. To me, that’s enough to make me attend.

Not sure yet if it’s for you? Well, here are 5 reasons why AMP Festival is the best thing to happen to August in OKC.

1. You want to check out some female bands you’ve never seen before.

There will be 14 live performances from different genres. Shoulda Been Blonde, Odessa I Reign, The Indigos, Tara Henry, sun riah, Girls Club, Richelle Sigrist, Layers of Pink, Amber Ramjak, Girls of School of Rock, Alyssa Elaine, GWIZ, Kya Millirons, and St Basic will all be there, playing live music for you to enjoy. And let’s be real. Open air shows in the sunshine are so nice and refreshing. Have you been to a live music venue in OKC lately? Some of them are pristine and beautiful and amazing. And some of them are absolutely disgusting. With this show, you get to see the live music without having to attempt to use the bathroom at the 89th Street Collective. (Used to be the Green Door/Conservatory for you old folks. Y’all know what I’m talking about.)

2. Supporting local female artists and makers is important.

We talk about it a lot on The Lost Ogle, but we all know that Oklahoma isn’t necessarily the best place to be a woman. Now, imagine you’ve got those odds against you, and you’re trying to build up your band or art career or small business. This festival allows us to come together as a community and experience and support the work these artists do in a place that makes it hard for them to do it.

3, You want one more summer festival before fall sets in.

Everyone keeps counting down the days until fall, which is dumb. Seriously. Fall is the worst season, mostly because we get like 48 hours of it in Oklahoma. Pumpkin spice is the lamest flavor and if someone tries to serve me a gourd as part of a meal, I will flip the table. Summer is the best and I don’t care who knows it. And what better way to celebrate summer than with 8 hours of live music, art, and things to buy from women?

Also, real talk: They’re going to have beer and gelato, a pairing that I had not prior to writing this considered, but now really want to have for dinner. And yeah, there will be food trucks too, for those of you searching for a balanced meal.

4. AMP Festival is free to enter.

This is the kicker here. Not only do you get to see all these bands and look at the work of the artists and makers, but you get to do it for free. There’s no entry fee, unlike a million other events that showcase this kind of talent. So pack up the car and bring everyone you know. Seriously. Tell me anything else in OKC that you can do for free.


5, It’s for a good cause.

So, if the previous reasons didn’t convince you that AMP Festival is the greatest thing to happen to August, this will. Even though the event is free for you to attend, sponsorships help make the festival happen, and a portion of the proceeds go to Oklahoma City Girls Art School.

AMP Festival is August 25 from 12 PM to 8 PM on Film Row. Bring your lawn chairs or a blanket so you can chill out and watch the show. Or bring your wallet and buy you some local goodies.