BREAKING NEWS: the Chupacabra is loose in Deer Creek!!

This time of the year is generally pretty slow for journalists, columnists, and people who write stupid listacles for beer money. Not a lot happens in the summertime. The most interesting thing to come from the gubernatorial race is a spelling error. Teachers aren’t protesting because they’re too busy finding 2-3 part-time jobs so they can afford to teach the upcoming school year. And Fallin is too lame of a duck to do anything noteworthy nowadays. That being said if you work in the media, you have to take what you can get if you’re going to get articles out. Which is probably why KFOR is reporting on mythical creatures.


DEER CREEK, Okla. – People who live in and around Deer Creek are trying to figure out if a large, strange animal spotted killing chickens and a turkey is the mythical creature known as a ‘chupacabra.’

“That’s immediately what we thought, and it looks exactly the same. There’s not much difference at all,” Craig Martin told News 4 back in 2013.

When we spoke with Martin in February of 2013, he showed us a picture of an animal he was convinced could be the mysterious creature known as a ‘chupacabra.’

Now, another animal that looks just like the one Martin spotted was captured on video in Mike and Lisa Curtis’ backyard

Look, I know that 87% of Deer Creek residents’ caloric intake comes from Pinot Grigio. But thinking that the “Chupacabra” is in your backyard is more of a side effect of meth or living in the shady 580 area code rather than alcohol. What makes Mike think the animal is a mythical creature over something native to Oklahoma, like a coyote or some cosplaying Furry?

“We saw the chickens and the turkey, the ones that had been killed and we were taken back quite a bit. So, we stopped. I actually have a game camera that we, that I have set in there,” Mike said…

Mike did some research and came across the link to the story we did in 2013 about the possible chupacabra sighting, in the same area where the Curtis’ live.

“We watch the video, read the article and we’re like, wow, this thing looks just like what we have on video. The guy had it on picture; now we have it on video,” Mike said.

Some think the animal is most likely a coyote with a bad case of mange, which is what officials with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife thought back in 2013.

So, you’re telling me that KFOR reported a story on a guy who claimed to have found a real life Chupacabra, while using a different KFOR article as their only evidence for the validity of his claims? Is that what it takes to make it in journalism these days? In that case, I’m submitting my next listicle “10 Edmond neighborhood dogs I can convince my nephew are the Chupacabra” to KFOR’s news tip line. At least my article will have more than 2 pictures to back up my claims.

The picture of the “Chupacabra” is actually a shaved bear. Follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek