FNITBT: Sex, Dungeons and Dragons, and Murder

Happy Friday, my fellow Okies! It feels like Oklahoma has experienced 3 full seasons of weather in the last seven days, so it seems longer than a week since I’ve brought you the Fridays festivities. But now it’s time to clock out of work, fill out your character sheet, and paint your centaur. Here’s this week’s Friday Night in the Big Town!

“Bad in Bed Live! By Shelby Simpson” 
Tower Theatre OKC  •  Friday 8/17 and Saturday 8/18 at 6:00 PM
Tickets starting at $35

Are you looking for a family-friendly night on the town filled with comedy and drama that can tickle the funny bones of all ages? You are?! Then what in the cold hell are you doing on this website? This Friday night, join the brave and exciting cast of “Bad in Bed Live!” at Tower Theater as they share stories of interesting encounters of the sexual kind through song, dance, and I suspect their own cathartic release. It’s the awkwardness of prom night stories combined with the right amount of Schadenfreude.

DnD Adventures League
PB&J Games Edmond  •   Saturday 8/18 at 6:00 PM
Tickets $5

Dungeons and Dragons players have a reputation for being lame shut ins. And I don’t know why, because with a D-20 I have a 75% chance of not dying in a fight with my rogue tiefling named Eule, when in real life that chance drops to 0%. But the truth is, I’ve been to more than one game shop that has built on a garage-like addition specifically used for running DnD campaigns away from the general population. But not at PB&J Games! Join them this Saturday for their Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League, which is dedicated to bringing all varieties of players together. As long as you’re not a chaotic evil bard.

Ruthless, The Musical!
The Boom OKC  •  Friday 8/17 and Saturday 8/18 at 6:30
Tickets $25

As a former amateur thespian, there are few things that I enjoy more in life than a well-produced play. As someone who took the scenic route to complete their degree, there are also few things that I enjoy more on a Friday night than drinking bottom shelf booze with my old college friends. Thank goodness there’s one place in OKC that caters to both of my hedonistic affinities. Join the lovely ladies of The Boom this Friday night for “Ruthless! The Musical.” It’s the perfect play if you enjoy murder, plot twists, or great eyeliner.

Hayley has to write all weekend. Enjoy the activities in her memory and follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek