Monday Morning Tweets

Howdy, pardners! We’re just a week away from the NFL season finally opening up, which means it’s also fantasy draft week crunchtime. I’m in a league with Patrick and TLO Trivia Host Sam. Every other year, I try to read up a bunch of articles and do a dozen mock drafts so I can feel like I’m super prepared and ready to take on the world. I didn’t do any of that this year though, because I know by now that the guy who auto-drafts and only sets his line-up every other week will somehow magically win in the end anyways, because that’s what always happens.


Sam Anderson’s new book about Oklahoma City came out last week, and he came to town to promote it. Everyone on my Twitter feed was geeking out about it, but I’m incapable of reading more than 280 characters at a time, so unless it gets tweeted out I may never read it.

Is it a great state or what?

Okay let’s slow down here

God Shot In NW OKC

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

The fried mushroom / mozzarella stick combo has always been my go-to app order at Hideaway. Base on that tweet, I may have to toss fried ravioli into the mix.

Hate Mail

I went with “Thanks, I’ll check them out.”


The green rush is on, so it’s time to get that application in.

There’s also a CBD producer in the OKC Chamber of Commerce – the organization that led the fight to defeat SQ 788 – and I have no idea what is happening in this state anymore.

We still don’t know how to drive

Can’t wait for this to be something that happens 40 times a day when people from Shawnee drive up to Bricktown and continue to street park their massive pick-up trucks the same way that they do at the Walls Bargain Center parking lot.

And if we can’t trust ourselves to drive cars, these scooters are a menace to all.

Eating in Oklahoma

It would be nice if bars could legally offer cheaper drinks, but until then, we gotta settle for half-price slushes when we’re thirsty in the late afternoon.

It’s a little known law that every restaurant in the state must offer plastic trophy cups.

I’ve had the regular hot chicken at Oak & Ore, and as a heat seeker, it was still enough to make me cry delicious, spicy tears. These are some brave gentlemen.

We’re the reason why The Eagles are still a thing.

The words of a man whose parking job will definitely be blocking the street car.


Obviously, Swope had to sneak in that ‘archery season’ info.

Damon Lane here with the bug sex content that we’re all here for

Steven’s Sports Beat

Blake Griffin donated millions to open up a new basketball training center at OU, which was dedicated this last weekend. For an Oklahoman, I feel like a lot of our basketball fans still talk a lot of smack about his style of play. Love him or hate him, this is still a very cool thing for him to do.

If this signals the start of high school football, this means that college football is only a few days away. Poke fans only have to wait until Thursday because all the big time schools play on weekday nights. The Sooners get to play at 11AM at home against the Daniel Tosh doppelganger and much beloved Lane Kiffen.

It also feels more like a reverse “If you can’t beat, them join them.” If Gibbs was an amazing coach, he would not have lost his job to old Coach “Rednose” Schnellenberger. It could be worse, after all- the Stadium of the Sooner’s real rival could be named after a Sooner.

Let’s hope this promotion is just a coincidence after offering $2 beer night at the stadium on Thursday nights.

Judging by the cover, Baker’s new mixtape is gonna be straight FIRE

Ok, since we’re trying to be helpful this is a great organization with a great mission. Yes, there are a lot of great groups out there, but this one is giving away over $1,900 and growing at the end of September. Who knows how much it could grow to in another month. GO ENERGY! (-Steven)

Under the Radar

Sometimes, the deals can be so incredible that it’s bewildering

Dear God, Abigail Ogle is going to rule the world someday…

Improved drastically? That’s a drastic word to use when describing improvement made by a dog. I’d go with dramatically.

Dean Blevins Memorial Tweet of the Week featuring Dean Blevins

Gave Dean credit. Outside of a few thousand porn stars, he knows more about Tiger’s shaft than anyone.