FNITBT: Fright Fest Auditions, Museum Exhibits, and Concerts at Anthem

Happy Friday, my fellow Oklahomans! This is the first time in 12 years that I am not scheduled to work any of the three glorious days of Labor Day Weekend. I would say hell has frozen over, but my weather app says it’s going to be 96 degrees in Oklahoma today. So taking inspiration from this newfound freedom, I have decided to bring you a fourth event in this week’s edition of Friday Night in the Big Town. Most of them are free, so check it out!

Fright Fest Actor Audition
Friday, 8/31 |  6:00-8:00  |  Frontier City

As a millennial girl living in an economically inflated world, I understand the need to have a side gig. But why should you spend your Saturday nights driving drunk Kappa Deltas along Broadway Extension or delivering Thai food to the wrong apartment number when you could earn a little extra income making gaggles of teenagers scream? If terrorizing children sounds like your kind of gig, head down to Frontier City tonight for the annual Fright Fest scare actor auditions. Bonus points if you bring your own smoke machine.


Housewives on the Homefront
Friday, 8/31 & Saturday, 9/1
Edmond Historical Society & Museum

Are you a history buff who loves to learn about Oklahoma’s rich and often tumultuous past? Are you curious about the inspiration behind your favorite period films? Are you broke until next payday and too sunburned to do anything outside until your neck stops pealing? You’re in luck! The Edmond Historical Society & Museum is hosting Housewives on the Homefront, an exhibit that explores and celebrates the wives who ran this country while many men fought in World War II. Come with a desire to learn the history. Leave with an understanding of why your grandma never let you throw out expired cans of SpaghettiOs.

Anthem Brewing Company Live Music
Friday 8/31 & Saturday 9/1  |  7:00
Anthem Brewing Company OKC

Traditionally, Labor Day weekend is seen as the last real weekend of summertime. And what better way to pretend like the Oklahoma summer actually ends before Christmas than by enjoying a concert! Join Ms. Sissy Brown tonight and Mr. Ricky Kanaga Saturday for two nights of live local music paired with pints of some of Oklahoma’s best beer. I’ve heard this year’s Ogletoberfest brew is extra delicious. Just saying.


Into the Fold: The Art and Science of Origami

Friday, 8/31 | Saturday, 9/1
Oklahoma Science Museum (Omniplex, dammit)

My 4th grade teacher tried to teach me and a bunch of other snot nosed kids how to fold an origami paper crane. Needless to say, with my Fruit Rollup fingers I failed miserably. Flash forward 15 years and I would still fail miserably if asked to construct a paper crane, let alone an origami shark riding an origami wave like the one featured in this new exhibit. If you enjoy marvelous displays of art and intriguing explorations of science, come to Science Museum Oklahoma this weekend for In the Fold: The Art and Science of Origami. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you try to recreate the origami yourself at home.

Hayley is stoked to visit the Housewives on the Homefront exhibit at the Edmond Museum today. And for you to follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek