Bixby woman wakes up to find coyote running around her bedroom

There’s been a lot of weird animal news in our local media lately. Last week we talked about the horse who was shopping around Tractor Supply in Elk City. A while back I brought you harrowing tales of completely sober Deer Creek residents on the lookout for the Chupacabra. Either the animals are striving to take back control of society or I haven’t had any asshat politicians doing asshat things in session to write my material for me. Because here we go again! Yesterday a woman in Bixby woke up to the strangest thing Wagoner County has seen since that fellow from Tulsa took a wrong turn.

Via ABC13…

BIXBY, Oklahoma —

A woman in Oklahoma is recounting the shock she got when a coyote entered her home and woke her in the middle of the night.

Bonnie Moriarty told KOKI the ordeal began with a loud noise.

“Around 4 or 4:15, all of a sudden we hear what sounded like a cat fight, almost,” she recalled, assuming it was her own cat and dog creating the commotion.

“I woke up and the cat and the coyote (ran) into my room. It was still dark,” Moriarty said.

According to her, she was all alone on the first floor of her home with her kids upstairs, so she grabbed a golf club out of protection.

Come on, man, this wasn’t that big of a deal. Last time I saw a coyote after an animal, at least 12 sticks of dynamite, an ACME triple strength battleship steel armor plate, and a gallon of birdseed were strewn about the place. How did this woman and her cat escape the coyote situation without being hypnotized or coming out with singed bangs?

Moriarty said she turned on the lights to her room and found the coyote crouched down in the corner, remaining timid.

“That’s when I realized, holy crud, I have a coyote that is stuck in my bedroom,” she said.

Moriarty said at that point, she shut the door to her room and contacted police. Officers responded and used catcher poles to get the coyote out of the home and released into the wooded area nearby, where Moriarty believes the animal came from.

I am glad to hear that everyone is safe from the coyote! However, it has not yet been reported if the mouse that the cat was chasing survived the cat’s numerous traps, poisons, or waffle iron bludgeons.

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