Former OKC Pride president charged with embezzlement!

If there’s one thing the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t proud of, it’s the former OKC Pride President. Monday, Lori Honeycutt aka Lory Kay Downs aka Lori Slider aka Jerk McAsshat was charged with one count of embezzlement after allegedly taking money from the organization.


The former president of OKC Pride has been charged with embezzlement after she was accused of taking thousands of dollars from the nonprofit organization, according to court documents.

Lori Kay Honeycutt is accused of embezzling money from the organization in which she served as president from February to July 2018, court documents state. OKC Pride officials recognized numerous unauthorized transactions that totaled more than $5,000 during her time as president, according to court documents.

Organization officials gave investigators copies of five checks written to “cash” between Feb. 20 and March 19, according to court documents. The checks totaled $3,117.

What kind of heartless person could steal from the OKC Pride organization? With that standard of morality, I am going to assume that the $5,000 or so embezzled was spent on eggs to throw at school children, starting an Info Wars GoFundMe account, or for purchasing 500,000 plastic straws to hand toss into the sea turtle exhibit at the aquarium. According to The Gayly, this wasn’t even the first time she allegedly engaged in such shady work.

On July 10 of this year, The Gayly obtained information from an OSBI report finding multiple similar convictions under the many aliases/former names used by Honeycutt. These names are Lori Kay Honeycutt, Lori Kay Downs, Lori Honeycutt, Lori Kay Slider and Laurie K. Shilder. Date of birth matches that of Honeycutt.

There were multiple forgeries and other convictions over a ten-year period. In fact, Honeycutt was incarcerated for these convictions in 2009, according to the report.

So apparently Honeycutt has used her aliases to commit other crimes of forgery. It’s disheartening to hear that someone trusted to help manage a nonprofit organization seemingly did so for personal gain. Because come on, man. The only time someone working for OKC Pride should use an alias is when it’s time for their set at the drag show.

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