Monday Morning Tweets

Howdy, pardners! Everybody knew the rain was coming, as the State Fair was going on. But it ended up getting pretty gnarly last weekend, especially in some of the far-flung parts of the state. Thankfully, it brought those cooler temperatures with it, meaning #PSL season is back for the basics amongst us. Get some chili stewing in the crock pot, curl up in your favorite blanket, and settle in for some Monday Morning Tweets:

Fall is here!

Nothing beats riding on the back of a tractor, sipping cider, and enjoying an evening on the farm, navigating through a corn maze shaped like a bald man.

Good riddance, being sweaty 24/7, hellloooo frostbite!

It’s hard to imagine any part of OKC being considered a ‘green oasis,’ so I’m all for this

Look at that spooky-ass ghost that was haunting eastern OK on Saturday. Weather Ghost > Weather Dong

So, ideal swimming conditions?

Especially if you live in Norman. That game day traffic will run your ass over.

Great State Fair of Oklahoma

At least they weren’t all sharing the same corn dog.

I always get excited about the food, and it’s always gross. Every time.

Those kids were asking themselves the same question you are now: “Who are those guys?”

Thank god there is still sketchy and illegal stuff going on at the fair.

With all that practice throwing baseballs, I bet that guy is a real crack shot

Okay, this one wasn’t from our state fair, but was worth including because Toby is setting new limits to looking absolutely plastered while wearing OU gear.

Mick Cornett has a new book

Hmm why does this look so familiar?

Oh yeah, because another book about OKC just came out with a suspiciously similar cover. Maybe they’re not too similar, other than color choices, fonts, and subject matter, but it’s quite the coincidence.

Steven’s Sports Beat

A win never felt like a loss as one did Saturday versus Army. The press apparently feels the same about the Sooners, so they might as well give up and not bother showing up for the rest of the season, because there is no reason to live now.

If you want to hear about the end of the world from those fans clad in Crimson or Orange listen to the Monday Morning quarterbacks dissect the game. The coaches that get paid millions of dollars to prepare for the competition better not listen in to fans losing their minds. Gloom and doom for the for all the fans, but there will be a gem. If you are entertained by fantastic accents and interesting vocabulary give them a few minutes of your time.

If there was a bright spot besides a win, it was this stat for the record books. Too bad the Oklahoma defense had to be on the field for 3/4 of the game. Good thing for them the temps were in the 60’s, or the well-conditioned Army would have outlasted them.

From a personal perspective, I was nervous about a service academy coming into Norman to compete in a sport. Oklahoma fans are predictable and not cordial to the opponents in the stadium. Fortunately, from all accounts, 99% of them understood Saturday’s opponents are future US Army Officers that know upon graduation the players could be sent into harm’s way to defend this great nation. It comes as no surprise they left the locker room in pristine condition. Class acts on both sides of the ball.

Ummmmmm… Wellll Mike, while you are a state employee and your contract is public record, I have to be honest I have not read it. Given your title is “defensive coordinator” one would assume that is exactly what you are paid (some would say too much) to do. Get ready for your opponent EVERY SINGLE GAME.

Gotta respect someone who’s that old and still loves as much attention as they can get.

Tech has fielded some impressive teams over the tenure of Captian Leech and Ryan Gosling Jr. The fact an unranked Taco Tech came into a top 20 ranked Poke house puts salt on the wound they had not lost to them in 17 years in Stillwater.

I hope the main topic of discussion at the tailgate was that the headline sponsor is wind power while in the shadows of a stadium named after a business magnate who made his fortune in oil and gas. (-Steven)

Under the Radar

That’s a helluva place for a high-stakes poker game, but Mustang don’t play around

Dear God, Abigail Ogle is going to rule the world someday

We also miss Erielle!

Dean needs to make some new new friends.