State Senator Paul Scott shares, then deletes, sexual assault humor meme from Facebook…

Over the weekend, State Senator Paul Scott – the Derplahoman from Duncan who thinks our articles are stupid – shared his thoughts on the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations.

Naturally, Paul did so in the most thoughtful, courteous and delicate way possible – by sharing, and then deleting, a meme on Facebook. Here’s a screenshot we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network:

Good stuff, huh? Will Rogers must be rolling in his grave with laughter!

Naturally, the post offended the Social Media PC Police. They got made because the meme seems more like a partisan political attack that makes light of sexual assault allegations than classic political humor. For those people, I would encourage you to lighten up and simply laugh at the ironic fact that Scott’s wife looks like Monica Lewinsky.

Geeze. No wonder he has it out for Clinton! The resemblance is striking:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. How’s that for a little political humor?

As we noted, Scott apparently deleted the meme that made light of sexual assault. He then pulled a page out of the PR playbook and started a fundraiser for something called Women’s Haven.

Yep, it’s raise $0. I guess it’s the thought that counts.

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42 Responses

  1. The grinning senator could donate from the $488,000 contract his company has with the state — despite plain language in the State Constitution against legislators holding state contracts while in office or for two years thereafter. Where’s our law-and-order AG or a competent district attorney? The “funny” does point out the GOP hypocrisy of condemning and impeaching Clinton for actions that they rush to defend today.

  2. Clinton must have damaged these people (R) deeply? What was the last non-Clinton related thought you heard expressed by a Republican?

    1. No kidding. And what all the b-b-but Clinton idiots fail to realize is that they are rationalizing Kav’s drunken perversion. They aren’t denying it.

  3. Can’t wait til Thursday – must see TV!! New drinking game – take a shot every time that little prick Brett says “fair process”

  4. Meanwhile today, 81 year old legally blind Bill Cosby is sent to prison for 3-10 years – while we have a sexual predator in the White House and another already on the supreme court and now the old, white men of DC are trying to cram another predator down our throats for a second seat on SCOTUS. Not condoning Cosby’s actions, just pointing out the inequity.

    1. those gawd damn white men, i tell ya! does left have anyone else they like to gripe about? this is getting far too stale. fucking racist pricks.

      1. We’re griping about sexual predators, you abtuse shitspeck. The fact that they’re also white males who were born rich just might have something to do with why they’ve yet to face consequences.

        1. show us on this doll where you were touched, please.

          1. Wash and dry the doll first. I’m not getting near any item you’ve been sleep humping while having wet dreams in your mom’s basement.

  5. I’m a long time democrat and the crookedness of today’s National Democrat Party makes Nixon’s henchmen Liddy, Halderman, Dean, Colson, Ehrlichman, etc look like choir boys.

    Vote Dugger(D) in, Todd Russ (R out)

    1. You’re a liar.

      1. Precisely how am I lying? The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

        1. You wouldn’t know.

  6. A man raped a Nun. Afterwards the rapist asked the Nun what she would tell the Mother Superior. The Nun replied, “I am going to tell her that I was raped twice, if you’re not to tired”.

  7. Sorry for the typo “too tired”

  8. No matter your political affiliation or how you feel about a politician, his/her spouse, children, grandchildren, and parents should be off-limits. For the record, Senator Scott’s wife, Susan, is the most precious Christian woman that I have ever known. She is an outstanding wife, a supportive mother, a loving grandmother, an exemplary community leader, a mentor to underprivileged children and so much more. For you to try to compare her to M. L. Is appalling. I have never looked at your site before this week and will never again. It is a travesty that you are a proponent of hate instead of truth. I suppose hatemongering gains more attention these days. I’m sorry but I feel that you ARE lost. You’ve lost your way. I pray that no one seeks to publicly demean your beloved family members. I also pray that you see that Oklahoma communities, the state, and the world as a whole have enough of this sad, mean rhetoric that you choose to engage in.

    1. The article said she LOOKED like Monica Lewinsky, not that she was in any way morally equivalent to Monica Lewinsky. You need to work on your reading comprehension Melanie. Also, I wouldn’t consider it an insult to compare a woman to Monica Lewinsky’s looks, say what you want about her morals or her politics, but she is not unattractive.

    2. Sorta like dragging Clinton into the whole Kavanaugh debate eh?

  9. For all the people crying about Trump: All democrats had to do was produce a candidate. Anyone, even a subpar one would have won. A socialist like Sanders? A liberal over the top lying wiener, who couldn’t relate to men or women, like Clinton? Really? I just try to vote for the lesser of two evils, regardless of party. Nominate another Clinton, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Waters, etc. He’ll win another four. Both parties need new blood, moderate, semi moral candidates who can play well with others.

    1. +This.

    2. Joe Biden would have mopped the floor with Cheeto Benito. Only reason he didn’t run was because he was grieving the loss of his son who died from cancer.

  10. Basic Rethuglican thinking … Everything is Clinton or Obama’s fault .. Like Balancing the budget, Reducing the deficit. etc .. etc .. Oh wait . Thats right every negative thing is Clinton and Obama’s fault. Good things we just pretend they didn’t happen .. ….. Kinda like how the Rethuglicans act when one of their own is accused of sexual harassment/assault. It just didn’t happen. Until they get voted out of office and THEN prosecuted nothing is going to change… ever…

  11. I love the math. Cut taxes. Put everything on the credit card to increase GDP by maybe a half percentage point or even one? And the economy is just lovely! No worry about deficits or debt. Doesnt matter if CBO says growth wont make up for tax cut losses! We’re the party of fiscal resonsibility only cuz we said so. Hell, why have any taxes? Just put it all on the credit card. Im certain no taxes could result in maybe 5% or 6% GDP! What a great economy that would be! Thank god for the GOP and its smart, fiscally conservative members!

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