Monday Morning Tweets

Have you already popped open the bottle of cheap wine you purchased from Homeland this morning? I sure did. Here are the tweets!

There was a monster truck rodeo last weekend?

Yes, apparently there was a monster truck rodeo last weekend. Why doesn’t anybody tell me about these things until it’s too late?

In Oklahoma, even the cowboys are hippies.

There was a rubber ducky race last weekend?

Not to be outdone, Riversport OKC staged an extreme event. Xtreme kayaking? Xtreme avoid-the-brain-eating-amoeba-while-swimming-in-the-Oklahoma-River? No, something even crazier: a rubber ducky race.

Eating in OK

Nothing like 20 hours of agonizing heartburn to get you through the day!

It’s here! It’s beer! Get used to it!

Scooter Takeover!

I was on the fence about how I felt about these things, and after my girlfriend was running downtown and got T-boned by a Lime rider going full-speed on the sidewalk, I’m in the ‘fuck scooters’ camp.

Steven’s Sports Beat

A “W” and ranked again? Scalpers- keep those Bedlam tickets out of the trash can for now. A clash of the unbeatens it won’t be, but there’s still hope for two ranked teams to meet.

Hopefully, this is only an oversight on their Twitter Master and not an admission that there is no “If this then that” for dealing with the injuries not even halfway through the season. If that is the case, then the scalpers can put the tickets in the circular file.

College sports needs more feel-good stories. Finally, some good news coming out of Stillwater. Congrats Landon! Now you get to work your ass off for the NCAA to pretend like you don’t exist.

Apparently, Mr. T.Boone was offering up some competition to sit with him. If you look up the hashtag, (or pound sign if you’re over 30) you will see a plethora of good reasons for him to pick Adam. The lip tattoo pulls it all together.

A lot of people would say the Heisman is a worthless award. If that were so, there would not be a dedicated park across the street from the stadium (or football temple) with too many names in Norman. Should the Sooners get another one in back-to-back years, the fans would become more insufferable. Is that possible?

Going into rivarly week, there is good news and bad news. Well. a mix of both really. Good News: CGD will be at the State Fair. Bad News: Kick off is at 11AM. Good News: Both teams are coming into the game ranked for the first time since 2012. Bad News: Kick off is at 11AM.

No matter how bad you think your job is, at least you’re not answering the phones at a local news station and hearing old people complain about the programming.

Pre-season is pretty meaningless, but it’s a good sign for this season that some of the Thunder players were able to play well against some of the other Thunder players.

Kevin Ogle is a beast

I knew he was tall, but 6′ friggin 8″? That’s 5″ over Russell Westbrook’s listed height. That obviously doesn’t translate to athletic ability, but if the Thunder has some front court injuries down the line, maybe we could get Kev in to swat a few shots.

Under the Radar

I’m guessing he was at a gas station that ran out of 3.2% beer, and was unable to buy booze because the store was out. Either way, he’s right. It’s out unalienable right to get fucked up whenever we want, as long as we’re choosing substances that are prescribed by doctors, or very addictive and harmful to all of our organs.

Dear God, Abigail Ogle is going to rule the world someday…

In ten years, her poll will ask if we all pledge loyalty to her as reign as queen.

Dean Blevins Memorial Tweet of the Week featuring Dean Blevins

Yeah, Dean is regular old David.