8 Most Haunted Places in Oklahoma

With Halloween being just about two weeks away, kids and adults alike are getting into the spooky holiday spirit by shopping for costumes, restocking the trick-or-treaters’ candy they’ve already eaten, and making their yearly trip to Family Video because Netflix no longer has Pet Semetary II available to stream. This time of the year also means people are looking for a fright. While places like The Sanctuary and Frontier City are known for creating terrifying adventures to visit, a lot of places in Oklahoma are also known for being naturally spooky. Here is a list of the 8 most haunted places in Oklahoma.

Magnetic or “Gravity” Hill outside of Springer is a country road that is known for a paranormal experience like no other. People report that if you put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, you will soon get the feeling that your car is defying logic and gravity by rolling up the hill. Many people have also reported that if you sprinkle baby powder on the hood of your car, you’ll come to find handprints laid as if someone were pushing your car up the hill. If you’re feeling brave and can spare $4 in quarters to run your Corolla through the car wash, check it out.


Everyone knows that the Skirvin Hotel is haunted. Metta World Peace said he was physically assaulted by a ghost while staying there. Then again, Metta recently changed his name again to Panda, so I’d take anything he says with a grain of salt.


Gandini’s Circus is a small plot of land nestled in the middle of Edmond that houses the remains of a Great Depression-era circus. To this day, animal cages, old buses, and maybe some restless spirits sit deteriorating on the property and can reportedly be seen from the end of the private property’s driveway. I would say that the abandoned circus would be fun to visit, but the only thing scarier than the ghost of a long dead person is the ghost of a long dead lion.


The Edmon Low Library at OSU has so many reports of supernatural activity that the library’s website has an archive regularly updated with accounts of spooky sightings. Many of the reports, which go back decades, speak of an apparition of a woman in her early 20s with red curly hair taking books off of the shelves around the library and leaving them in the wrong places. Some say the ghost is spending her afterlife researching a homework assignment. But Edmon Low Library staff just call her another pain-in-the ass student who can’t figure out the dang Dewey Decimal System.


Ellison Hall at OU may now be home to the College of Arts & Sciences, but back in the 20s it was used as a fully functional hospital. Many occupants of the building over the last few decades have reported seeing or hearing a roller skating boy named Bobby who apparently died in the hospital after being hit by a car. Some say the boy skates the halls to this day looking for his parents. Others say the rolling is actually the sound of gurneys being pushed through the halls. But everyone says that this place is %*#$-ing spooky.


Though Belle Isle Station was demolished in 1999, people claim you can still experience misty apparitions and cold spots around the shopping center that took its place. Some say the spirits are stuck searching for the long gone historic landmark. Others say the spirits are searching for their size in Old Navy skinny jeans.


The Hatchet House on the corner of Carey Place and NW 18th Street is known to have been the home of a girl who was apparently brutally murdered with a hatchet in the early 1920s. Word on the street is that the front porch was actually painted red to hide the girl’s bloodstains and that her swing still moves as if she were sitting in it. Word on the street is that Oklahoma has a lot of wind, too.


Cottonwood Manner in Yukon was home to a nursing home until the early 2000s. Today, people report that the abandoned building is home to creepy dolls, restless spirits, and a “No Trespassing” sign. Most of the time I would think a no trespassing sign would be meant to protect the building from vandals. But with so many abandoned dolls in one building, I think it’s meant to protect the potential trespassers from possible demonic possession.

Don’t go into any of these here places unless you have permission. Else you could become possessed. Or arrested for trespassing. Follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek