TLO Weekend News Recap

Basketball season is BACK, BABY! We’ve been waiting for months, and the Thunder have not disappointed. We’re already off to a start of 0-3, which means we’re going to be in store for a typical emotional roller coaster of a season. At least Russ returned to the floor last night, but even he couldn’t stop the team from getting pummeled by the Sacramento freaking Kings.

Instead of moping about the Thunder, why not catch up on some stories you might have missed from the weekend?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Anyone can understand the attraction of getting rich quick off spending a few bucks on a lotto ticket. But of course, the higher the jackpot, the more people buying tickets, and the less likely you actually win. And even though all the money raised through the state lottery is supposed to support education, it turns out that lawmakers used the funds to supplant education funds rather than enhance them. When we voted to bring the lottery in under the guise of supporting schools, lawmakers decided to slash state funding, assuming that it would be an effective enough poor-tax to keep us satisfied. We all see where that landed us…

MAPS 4 Streetcars

Oklahoma City’s adoption of resurgent public transportation is off to a shaky start.

Kevin Stitt Has the Big Newspaper Endorsements

As we predicted last week, The Oklahoman has put in their endorsement for a completely inexperienced candidate who hasn’t voted in the last decade. It’s been obvious to anyone who lives here and reads the news to understand that our state media will hop behind anybody who runs as a Republican, no matter how much of an amateur they actually are.

It then should not be much of a surprise that the Tulsa World also wrote an endorsement of Stitt:

If Stitt is your kind of guy, you can help raise money for the campaign that he’s already sunk nearly $4 million of his own money into and shoot machine guns with him this week:

Desolation Road

Naming streets after people is generally a bad idea. Everybody’s got skeletons in their closet, especially old white guys from a hundred years ago. And while I 100% support the renaming of any street that was dedicated to an old white guy from a hundred years ago who was in the KKK and tarred & feathered members of the IWW, we could find a better name than ‘Reconciliation Road.’ The intent is nice, but 6 syllables for a street name is way too much of a mouthful. If they want to make a statement, something like ‘Fuck Racists Boulevard’ would be more splashy and to the point.

Here favorite band was probably Falcon Five-O.

In the news recap, we’ll occasionally try to tell you about Oklahoman’s who made it big… or at least got 15 minutes of media attention. This week’s “Remember This Person Now, Forget Them Later” is Lauren McGough. The PC North graduate has made a name for herself in the falconry world, and was featured last night on 60 Minutes.

Steven’s Sports Beat

If you told most gamblers that the Sooners put 45 on Texass, they would have bet OU had won the RRR. The defense allowed a series record 48, and ended the run of having a Stoops on staff. A much better second half of D for the Sooners have them back on track with the road to final 4 a little smoother now. Almost a win and you’re in.

The 2016 Sooners Men’s basketball equivalent of the Heisman trophy winner was welcomed back to Oklahoma with Thunderous applause, and then proceeded to trounce the OKC Thunder. It was good to see you too Buddy and good to see you taking your job so seriously, even at the expense of the home team. (-Steven)

Worst of the Weekend

Every week, we’re going to include the laziest, most slipshod, or just plain worst news story from local media. Today’s is all three of those adjectives and more. I watched the video twice (which also meant I sat through three advertisments), and I honestly could not explain what the story is or how it ties into the headline. To save you a click, the video features a few white college kids sitting around a pothole and eating cereal out of Halloween baskets. It doesn’t explain anything or tell a story, but they at least dropped some public domain Christian rock muzak over the whole thing.

Young Girl Kills Rare Animal

Hunting is respectable in that if you’re going to choose to eat meat, it absolutely makes sense to have a hand in killing what you’re going to eat. But there’s something really weird to me in spending the ages of 9 to 16 obsessed with a rare and strange deer, and eventually gunning it down. Like, if you’ve been seeing the same critter year after year and grown up with it, let the poor freak live out the rest of its life. Hopefully, they at least gave the cactus doe the respect it deserves and make some delicious venison dishes from it.

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