The Oklahoman and Tulsa World fall for Bull Stitt

And newspapers wonder why they don’t connect with younger readers.

As we mentioned in the Weekend News Recap, the state’s two largest, esteemed and owned-by-out-of-state-interests newspapers – The Oklahoman and The Tulsa World – both endorsed Kevin Stitt to be the next Governor of Oklahoma on Sunday.

Although the editorials use their own unique order of passive words, phrases and clichés to justify their expected endorsement of the GOP candidate for governor, the gist of each is about the same. In fact, the editorials are so similar you have to wonder why they didn’t just co-produce one general endorsement as part of their content-sharing agreement.

Just check out the headlines and general thesis statements for each editorial:

The Oklahoman:

Mary Fallin has earned another four years in Oklahoma governor’s office

During her 2010 campaign for governor, Mary Fallin stressed a desire to try to improve Oklahoma’s economy and make the state a more attractive place for businesses large and small. She’s done that, which is a major reason Fallin merits re-election on Nov. 4…

Fallin has earned another four years in office.

The Tulsa World:

Tulsa World Editorial endorsement: For Mary Fallin

Gov. Mary Fallin promised to restore order to state finances and open Oklahoma for business. And she has delivered. Fallin is the best choice for Oklahoma’s future, and we endorse her for re-election…

Mary Fallin is a genuine conservative who does a good job representing Oklahoma. She promised a business-friendly state, and she delivered one. She promised reform, and she delivered reform. She promised prosperity, and prosperity we have. We hope and challenge Fallin to look at the areas we have identified, and we look forward to seeing it happen in the next four years.

Oops! My bad. I accidentally copied and linked to The Oklahoman and Tulsa World’s regrettable 2014 endorsements of Mary Fallin. It’s kind of funny to read them in hindsight and see how wrong they were.

Anyway, now that we put the endorsements of our state’s two largest partisan newspapers in proper perspective, let’s see how they spun their endorsement of Stitt.

The Oklahoman:

Stitt merits nod in Governor’s Race

Both [Edmondson and Stitt] are serious men and credible candidates. Deciding between the two therefore requires weighing which man has the greatest potential upside and appears most likely to lead Oklahoma in a new and better direction. On that basis, The Oklahoman believes Stitt is the better candidate…

The Tulsa World:

For Stitt: Oklahomans expect chance and he can bring it

The choice [between Edmondson and Stitt] won’t be easy for Oklahoma voters, and we can make arguments either way; but on balance, we give the nod to Tulsan Kevin Stitt. We think he has the energy and creativity to change Oklahoma…

That’s irritating. Instead of being honest with their few remaining subscribers and writing something like “Just like most people, we’re tribal, indoctrinated partisans who are going to endorse the candidate from our political party of choice regardless of their background, qualifications or experience,” they try to make it sound like Kevin Stitt – an anti-vaxxer who didn’t’ support the teacher pay raise plan and follows the same political ideology as Mary Fallin – is some sort of visionary change agent because he’s made money in the mortgage industry.

On that note, I guess this would probably be a time to cue up Edmondson’s new online campaign ad that points out some similarities between Mary Fallin and Kevin Stitt’s talking points:

Kevin Stitt may be a new record, but as that clip shows, he’s playing the same old GOP song that’s made our state a national laughing-stock over the last four to six years. If you’re dumb enough to fall for his “outsider businessman” shtick and let it mask over the direct parallels between him, Mary Fallin and other members of the GOP establishment that led this state into the shithole, then you should probably write for one of Oklahoma’s failing newspaper’s Editorial Boards. Just like any GOP gubernatorial nominee, they’ll welcome you with open arms.