There’s now a Pioneer Woman-themed Barbie…

Hold onto your hats and scoot on over to that layaway line! The Pioneer Woman-themed Barbie playset will soon be on the Walmart shelves–and every little red-headed girl and day drunk Western Oklahoma mother’s Christmas wishlist!

I can’t tell you how much it means to me that Ree Drummond is getting her own Barbie! As someone who also grew up as the little red-headed country kid who ate a lot of butter, I am happy that a corporation is finally making money off of my representation. But like every other Barbie incarnation, it’s not enough just to have one accessory to play with. So here are 5 accessories we’d damn well better see for the new Pioneer Woman Barbie doll.

Kitchen accessories

After spending a long, hard day copying and pasting recipes from her old country club cookbooks into her blog posts, the Pioneer Woman Barbie can get pretty thirsty! Why not help her to sip her Pioneer Woman Homemade Lemonade with a set of Pioneer Woman Barbie sized mason jar drinking glasses. They may look like miniaturized simple pickle jars with scrapbooking paper modge podged on the lids. But with a little imagination and the likely $45 cost for the set, your Pioneer Woman Barbie will be sipping in style!


A unicorn

This unicorn is actually an accessory of the Dreamtopia Barbie Princess. But with $23 million in payments rolling in for the federal government to use her land, Pioneer Woman Barbie could probably afford a unicorn.


The Marlboro Man Ken

Like June and Johnny or Joanie and Chachi, the Pioneer Woman is known for her passionate relationship with her man. Let your Pioneer Woman Barbie live out her romance by buying the Marlboro Man Ken doll! Marlboro Man Ken comes with a life-sized checkbook and real mud on his boots to track all over Pioneer Woman Barbie’s play kitchen.


Play food

Kids of all ages love Pioneer Woman Barbie. Now with a set of Pioneer Woman Barbie play food, they can cook like her, too! The play food set comes with 4 plastic sticks of butter, a neatly knitted bag of play sugar, and a toy bottle of cooking wine! Now this set of three items may not seem like they’re worth the $49 it will probably cost. But with these simple ingredients, your children will be able to fully play create at least 75 of the Pioneer Woman Barbie’s recipes.


Pioneer Woman-inspired outfits

Everyone knows that girls just want to have fun! And why would your Pioneer Woman Barbie be any different? Help her have fun in style by buying all 3 of Pioneer Woman Barbie’s outfit sets! The purple boho top with jeans is perfect for spending the morning melting butter in the microwave, while the pink flower boho top with jeans is great for an afternoon taking photos of cows on the ranch. However, Pioneer Woman Barbie loves wearing her blue boho top and jeans when she’s spending the afternoon locked in the master bedroom crying on the phone to her mother while complaining about her trust fund balance and the fact that her front yard smells like cow shit.

Hayley’s front yard doesn’t smell like cow shit anymore. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek