TLO Weekend News Recap

Halloween weekend is the most magical time of the year for heathens like me. Costumes, candy, horror movie marathons, and parties are all I ever really want out of life. There’s just something freeing about being able to let loose, dress up, and indulge in spooky childish joys. And the best part is, we still have a few more days left to celebrate. If any of y’all have a great costume this year, fill me in on your plans in the comments. Keep reading and you’ll see my very TLO-appropriate ensemble down below.

Tulsans Are Flip-Floppers

So far in October, almost 6,400 Tulsa voters have changed their party affiliation. The majority were wanting to identify as Republicans. Kudos to the Tulsa World for throwing down their endorsement for Kevin Stitt and somehow actually influencing the electorate. I’m giving them way too much credit here, but it’s kinda surprising that so many people in Tulsa are buying into the Republican party after all the ruin they’ve left our state in. Oklahoma City, however, is not in any better shape…

BREAKING NEWS: White Men Control Oklahoma City

This is a subscriber-only article, but it doesn’t really matter, as it’s telling us something we probably already knew. Of course, this problem isn’t strictly limited to OKC, it’s actually statewide:

Wow, another paywall article that is telling us things we already knew. It’s almost like they know it’s not subscribing for the real content.

Joe Exotic Has Some Bones In His Closet

Is there a haunted tiger graveyard in Wynnewood?! I’m not too shocked. I took Patrick’s recommendation and dressed as Joe Exotic for Halloween this year (picture below), and decided to watch some of his old Youtube videos for inspiration. One of the videos involved his trying to break up a fight between some of the tigers, and in between sniping them with tranquilizer darts, he was shooting a live revolver into the pen, for whatever reason. I don’t think he was trying to hurt the animals, but it seemed like an incredibly irresponsible thing to do. Anyways, here’s me paying tribute to one of the dumbest gubernatorial candidates I’ve seen in this state in my lifetime:

Make Edmond Weird?

Some guy is making a bunch of metal silhouettes of heads to be placed next to the I-35 in Edmond. For a city that is considered a stretch of chain restaurants and generally devoid of unique culture, I salute this artist. The kicker, however, is that the project is being funded by the owner of OnCue. I challenge Love’s and QuickTrip to follow suit and commission similarly weird public art.


Whatever shitty late-90’s PC game that this graveyard is from, I’m into it. It’s time to pay more attention to local weather forecasts that are stylized after the free CD-R’s that came included with shrinkwrapped copies of PC Gamer back in the day.

TLO Inside Sports Blitz Ultimate Report Final Yard

It was a big weekend for the big three local sports teams.

Kyler Murray looked like the best player of all-time, Kennedy Brooks is making people forget Rodney Anderson, and the defense showed marked improvement. There’s a decent chance that may last through November until OU gets exposed again in the playoff.

OSU’s lanky walk-on QB was hotter than a pile of Eskimo Joe’s cheese fries, and the Cowboys were finally able to not choke away a game against an overrated Texas squad. The win helped OSU’s bowl chances, and perhaps even more importantly to OSU, hurt OU’s college football playoff chances. I guess that’s why fans embarrassingly stormed the field after the win.

Behind a surprising sign of life by Nerlens Noel, The Thunder finally won a game. If they can play one of the worst teams in the NBA every night, they may actually make the playoffs.

And Now This (OSU edition)