Steve Russell edits his own Wikipedia page…

Here’s an odd, semi-amusing story for you. Via a hard-hitting TLO Investigation, we’ve learned that Oklahoma City’s own U.S. Congressman Steve Russell – the guy who’s up for re-election against Kendra Horn in Tuesday’s election – uses the Internet alias “Regular122” to buy and sell on eBay, post on gun-enthusiast message boards and even edit […]

News 9 reporter accidentally tweets pic of Drew Edmondson voting for Mike Hunter…

Earlier today, Oklahoma Democratic gubernatorial candidate Drew Edmondson did what lots of old people do and went down to the election board to vote early.

Naturally, the media was there to get the obligatory “Candidate Voting in Election” sound bites and photographs. That includes News 9’s political reporter Aaron Brilbeck. He made sure to get this photo of Drew Edmondson filling out his ballot.

About an hour or two after he tweeted the photo, Brilbeck quickly deleted the tweet and replaced it with this shot from a different angle.

He did this because – after a quick zoom in and a bit of research – you can determine that Drew Edmondson, the Democratic Nominee for Governor, apparently voted for Republican Mike Hunter in the Attorney General race.

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TLO Metro Music Showcase: November

Welcome back to another edition of the monthly TLO Metro Music Showcase, where we pick out some of the best live music for you to check out over the next month. The Showcase is sponsored by our friends at Play It Loud – a web documentary music series produced by Outsiders Productions that profiles Oklahoma musicians. The first episode of Season […]

Markwayne Mullin describes Trail of Tears as “Volunteer Walk”

The painting above is titled “Trail of Tears.” It’s a 1942 work by Robert Lindneux and is currently on display at the Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve in Bartlesville. It depicts the brutal and atrocious forced removal of the Cherokee nation from its lands east of the Mississippi to present day Oklahoma in what became known as… […]

War of Gas Station Pizza: Capital City vs. Godfather’s

A few weeks ago, I profiled two rural pizza chains—Hunt Brothers and Simple Simon’s—learning more about both franchises than really I needed to. But, still, many people commented and sent e-mails that I shouldn’t stop there, naming off their favorite satellites of cheesy love far and wide in grocery stores, mall kiosks and, of course, […]