TLO Weekend News Recap

Daylight savings changes are kinda BS, but that extra hour of sleep (or partying) once a year is pretty swell. I’ve been sick with whatever pre-flu season junk is going around, so the extra hour of sleep was much appreciated. Now that we’re all hopefully rested up, it’s time to catch up on another TLO Weekend News Recap:

Early Voters Aren’t Messing Around This Year

With this midterm election being particularly politically fired up, voters seem more engaged than in several years. Voting is so hot right now that people are coming out in droves to do it early. Check out this comparison:

Also, these numbers show that Republicans have a big jump on Democratic voters. Not that these percentages give away who they’re voting for, but with how traditionally straight-line Oklahomans tend to vote, make sure to get out to the polls tomorrow and let your voice heard if you don’t want to see BullStitt as our new governor.

Satan is BACK!

The Satanic Temple is threatening legal action against the producers of of Netflix’s new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series. What could that Archie comic show have done to have provoked the ire of Satanists? They’re upset about their copyright being infringed upon from a statue in the show. Check it out:

Now, why is this particularly TLO worthy? Longtime readers might remember that the original statue was supposed to go up on the state capital’s lawn. I’m just glad that it’s back in the news, even if for the most mundane reason.

Scoot Scootin’ Boogie

With how well OCPD enforces traffic laws as it is, I’m sure this will go over well. If the city builds actual bike lanes everywhere, I don’t think it will be too much of an issue having these toys on the road. Until then, you can expect to see scooters all over the sidewalks.

The Oklahoman Is Making Some Smart New Changes

Apparently, The Oklahoman’s new owners, GateHouse Media, has more shake-ups planned. They’ve already laid off several staff members, but that’s not enough. Their strategy now allegedly involves less content. Their business editor is cautiously optimistic, but other former GateHouse employees don’t share the same mindset:

If the owners believe that people who subscribe to print media want less content, and that giving fewer and shorter articles will somehow magically make more people subscribe, they might as well write their own obituary. At least, if they haven’t decided to cut that section yet.

Fake News!

Gotta say, I would honestly rather vote for someone with a fake Brad Henry endorsement versus a real Mary Fallin endorsement. Along those lines…


And now Mike with the weather…

We mention this every now and then, but why not just call this an 11 day forecast?

Steven’s Sports Beat

The Pokes probably single-handedly saved their season by beating a top 10 ranked opponent. Oh wait, that was a week ago. This Saturday, they lost to a terrible Baylor team. The timing could not have been any better either as it means the potential to fall in a three-game losing slide, because after OU they have to play a good West Virginia team. While there is still a lot of football left to be played, one-loss teams winning out and beating other one-loss teams to stand atop of the conference stand a good chance of making the four-team playoff. Now, Oklahoma may be on the outside looking in if everyone ahead of them takes care of business because of how weak the Big 12 is this season. The good news for the Pokes is they turned the team around from 1938 and won a national championship seven years later. Hopefully for the fans in 2025 they won’t have to wait until 2097 to add it to the wall.

If you are going to lose, lose early. There is still a lot of football left to be played, but Oklahoma is in the driver’s seat, should they keep winning, they have a chance to make the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Sooners, their defense is horrible. Recent history bodes well for them, as they are the only team in the NCAA to not lose a game in November in the last three years and they have made the playoffs in two of them. They escaped Lubbock with a W and strange things happen in Lubbock. Now that oSu lost to Baylor the luster is off Bedlam with the prospect of them losing the next two in a row with West Virginia after OU.

For those fans that live for Thunder basketball, congratulations. The season is 8 months long with the preseason and playoffs. Well, the latter may be a stretch this year with a 0-4 start, but it’s still early. Having to wait until the second week of the season for the first win is tough, but now the team rattled off four straight wins. The good news is if they keep up their losing ways, tickets should be cheaper and easier to come by!