TLO Weekend News Recap

It’s not even the middle of November and we’ve already got our first snow day in the metro. Well, maybe, I’m writing this Sunday evening and of course incredibly skeptical of what will actually happen. My prediction is we’ll get a few flakes that won’t stick to the ground, but who knows. Either way, I hope you were able to somehow get the day off, so snuggle up under a blanket and catch up on last weekend’s news:

Farewell, Fair Needle!

The iconic Arrows to Atoms Space Tower started to come down this weekend. It’s a sad moment for mid-century architecture lovers, State Fair fans, and Steven Lackmeyer alike. It’s better for it to meet its demise this way, instead of just falling over during one of the annual State Fair storms, but it’s still a bummer to see it go.

Turkey Invades The Village

Apparently, turkey’s don’t just come from the grocery store. They’re weird wild birds too, and one that has been named NAP is taking The Village by storm. This critter has even received an official proclamation from the mayor intended to protect her. I’m rooting for the turkey, but will also not be surprised if some redneck decides that she should end up as their Thanksgiving feast.

There’s Already A Weed Shortage

Even though there aren’t many dispensaries open yet, they’re already running out of medical marijuana. I’d love to personally cash in on this and start a growing operation, but I’ve killed 2 cacti at home because I’m that terrible with plants. Hopefully, some other industrious green thumbs can come in and help out this new industry.

Do The Right Thing

This is maybe Fallin’s last chance to maybe end her term on a positive note. It won’t cancel out the last eight years of mediocrity, nor will it save us from the next 4 years of Stitt, but it would be a nice gesture to release people serving long prison sentences who have no business being locked up in the first place. Will she do the right thing? With less than 2 months in office left, we’ll find out soon.

Spooky Oklahoma

I don’t believe in ghosts, but they still scare the shit out of me. That’s why I get skeptical of ghost hunters who seem to have a light-hearted approach. A quote from the article: “You should go on a ghost hunt with us,” she says. “You’d have lots of fun.” What kinds of ghosts are they coming across, Boo Berry? Ghosts aren’t supposed to be fun, they should be terrifying glimpses into realms we don’t understand. Although, if they have a ghost hunt that does involve Boo Berry, I will totally change my mind.

QuikTrip Is Arming Their Clerks

Next time you think about shoplifting some sunflower seeds or a Cherry Coke at a QT in Tulsa, BEWARE! The company is hiring employees that will be packing heat behind the counter. Let’s just file this one under “What could possibly go wrong?”

Bedlam lives up to billing

This game had all the classic Bedlam attributes – no defense, questionable officiating and OSU choking at the end…

In all fairness, Oklahoma State fans shouldn’t be too upset by the blown 2-point conversion. OU was going to get the ball back with a minute left and two timeouts, so OSU was going to lose anyway. It’s Bedlam. That’s how it works.