TLO Weekend News Recap

After a long holiday weekend, it’s finally time to shuffle back into the office. You’ve no doubt brought a lunch today that is a sad mish-mash of Thanksgiving leftovers, so even your break today is going to be a bit dreadful. While you’re warming back up to work life, ya might as well waste some time reading about some of the local tidbits that the poor news desk interns had to write about while you were enjoying the weekend:

OKC Has A Trash Fire Problem

Ok, it’s an exaggeration to say that we’ve got a problem with trash fires, but one is always too many. Thankfully, there didn’t seem to be much damage, and no one was hurt. It even turned into some kind of Small Business Sunday experience where people could get all warm and fuzzy about their favorite coffee shops:

MWC Has A Skate Park Fire Problem

I didn’t even know Midwest City even had a skate park, so they must also not ACTUALLY have a skate park fire problem. Still, as a teenage skater dirtbag, this comes as no shock. If we had a place like this in 1998, it would have been one of my asshole friends starting the fire. While we’re on the eastside…

Gun Safety Tip

Who uses an AR15 when they go hunting? They are only supposed to be used to kill people.

The Fantasy Is Over

This one’s behind the paywall, but we can at least gleam that Del City spent an absurd amount of money to displace sex workers and provide another empty lot in their sad suburb. They shoulda just let the dancer’s dance instead of sinking the island.

Oklahoma Pitmasters

Oklahoma isn’t quite as much on the map for BBQ in the same way that Texas and Kansas City, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some amazing options. Case in point, the chefs from The Butcher Stand took the Grand Championship prize at the 30th Jack Daniels World Barbecue Invitational. I was introduced to the niche world of competitive barbecuing for a piece I was writing for another publication. This contest came up as one of the most prestigious. Just getting invited to it means you’re at the top of your game. This is all to say, if you want legit brisket, get down to Wellston.

Stitt’s Transition

Given that Kevin Stitt models himself a local-level Donald Trump, this should go swimmingly. Trump seems to have spent more time campaigning for 2020 than actually pushing real policies. Voters who want candidates that “run government like a business” have forgotten that the owner of the place they work at probably takes ten vacations a year and does less work than the lowly people at the bottom of the chain.

And now Dean with sports!

So, should ND,  make the play-off . TV execs & fans love idea, but That,s the ?? #playoff committee should be, asking . @news9