Vigilante News 9 Reporter Stops Man From Stealing Light Pole

News 9 is taking this “on the scene, on the story” stuff a bit too seriously.

Yesterday afternoon, Aaron “Tattletail” Brilbeck successfully stopped a couple from beautifying our city and clearing junk from the highway. Naturally, he then decided to turn the whole thing into a self-righteous story about himself.

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I know stealing a 30-foot metal pole from the state is stupid and wrong, but isn’t narcing on the couple and then showboating about it on TV equally awful? If Steve Shaw would have stumbled on the scene, he would have helped the couple load the pole into the truck, hauled it to a salvage lot in Luther and then produced a heart-warming, Emmy-caliber story about what hard-working Oklahomans are doing to earn a few extra bucks for the holidays. Brilbeck, on the other hand, calls the fire department and flags down the highway patrol. What a loser.