This week’s Lost Ogle Team Trivia Night theme: Mars!

Stardate: Eleven-Twenty-six Two-thousand eighteen. After a six-month journey, the Mars Mission spacecraft touched down on the barely explored soil, ready to discover new worlds and conquer old alien races, with eventually a McDonald’s on every corner. Yes, as the new Mars-craft drills for life up there, those that have a life down here will be coming out to play TLO Trivia! This week’s bonus question theme for TLO Trivia Night is about all things Martian–from Marvin to Matt Damon, no red stone will be left unturned this week.

Here is this week’s trivia schedule…

Tuesday  •  Fassler Hall  •  8:00pm
421 NW 10th St
Oklahoma City, OK, 73103
First Place: $75 (House Cash); Second Place: $25 (House Cash) ; Third Place: $10 (House Cash)

Thursday  •  Anchor Down  •  8:00pm
30 NE 2nd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
First Place: $50 (House Cash) ; Second Place: $25 (House Cash); Third Place: $10 (House Cash)


Friday  •  Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway  •  9:00pm
4130 N.W. Expressway (Bar Area / Smoking)
Oklahoma City, OK
First Place: $50 (Real Cash!) ; Second Place: $25 (House Cash); Third Place: $10 (House Cash)