Metro Music Showcase: December

Welcome back to another edition of the monthly TLO Metro Music Showcase, where we highlight some of the best live music for you to check out over the next month.

The Showcase is brought to you by our friends at Play It Loud – a web documentary music series produced by Outsiders Productions that profiles Oklahoma musicians. For the second episode of this season, they’re profiling The Allie Lauren Project. Watch songwriter Lauren Nicole Clare go in-depth about her eclectic musical background and growth as an artist:

You can check out all episodes (and seasons) of Play It Loud on YouTube.

Without further ado, here are some concerts and performance for you to check out in the metro during December:

Kurt Vile and the Violators
Wednesday, December 5th
The Jones Assembly, Oklahoma City

Philadelphia is most well known for its meat sandwiches and insane sports mascots, but it should be famous for being the home of Kurt Vile. Kurt takes the languid style of Neil Young and infuses his own distinctly east coast personality into the mix. Even though many of his songs have spacey, bummed-out vibes, Kurt manages to imbue his clever lyrics with wry humor and a unique ‘I believe in myself, even if no one else does’ optimism. Don’t sleep on this one.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Wednesday, December 5th
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

Are you the person in the office who puts the radio on the 24/7 Christmas Music Station in October? Don’t. Instead of making your co-workers hate you with Trans-Siberian Orchestra holiday medley playing on repeat, pony up the change and make your hearing hate you instead.

L.A. Guns
Friday, December 7th
The State Theatre, Harrah

For those who weren’t around in the hair metal era, L.A. Guns was the precursor to Guns N’ Roses. Ya see, in the early 80’s guitarist Traci Guns started a band. Later, Axl Rose joined as the singer, then left to start a band called Hollywood Rose. When they broke up in 1984, Rose went back to L.A. Guns, joined by rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin. The band changed its name to Guns N’ Roses, because the only way they knew how to name a band was to combine last names. Eventually, Traci Guns quit and was replaced by Slash, and the rest is history. Are you confused? So am I, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive out to Harrah and check out some kick ass rock music.

Woody Guthrie Tribute Show
Sunday, December 9th
The Blue Door, Oklahoma City

Each year, local musician Greg Johnson and a gaggle of other musicians lead a tribute to the GOAT of Oklahoma songwriters – Woody Guthrie – at the venerable Blue Door in OKC. We’re not sure if Arlo, Billy Bragg or Tom Joad will be there, but it’s a great show worth checking out.

Warren G
Monday, December 10th
Tower Theatre, Oklahoma City

Although Warren G was a pioneer of the west coast G-Funk rap scene of the early 90s, he came up with his own sound. Instead of just purveying brash gangsta rap, Warren G laid down a cool smoothness that was missing. Arguably the only person who could rival Snoop Dogg in calmness on the mic, Warren G made that third wave of rap more accessible than ever, while still having real street cred.

Magic Sword
Friday, December 14th
89th Street, Oklahoma City

Have you ever wanted to be trapped inside a low-budget, straight-to-video horror movie from the 1980s? Sure, we all do! Now is your time to live out that fantasy. Magic Sword’s moody, synth-driven sound is enough to spook anybody out, and their creepy costumes seal the deal.

Playboi Carti
Thursday, December 20th
The Criterion, Oklahoma City

I’m gonna admit: Until I was doing research for this, I was completely convinced that Playboi Carti was French or something. Maybe English, I dunno, but had no idea he was from Atlanta. That his unique flow and dialect could defy the conventions of a place like the creative and bizarre wonderland of modern ATL shows what he’s capable of.

The Allie Lauren Project
Monday, December 31st
Opening Night 2019 | Bicentennial Park, Downtown Oklahoma City

A plan for a New Years Eve party that includes food, adult beverages and live music? Yes, please. If you checked out this month’s Play It Loud featured artist and like what you heard, you can see The Allie Lauren Project perform live on New Year’s Eve at Arts Council Opening Night. There’s gonna be plenty of live music, fireworks and food to make it worth braving the chilly weather.