Mike Morgan told us to do stuff today on Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, Lucas caused a local ruckus when he almost too accurately described the Five Stages of Oklahoma Winter Weather Panic that accompany our often underwhelming, and usually overhyped, winter weather events.

To accompany the article, we used some recent tweets from Marla Morgan’s husband – local weather hype man Mike Morgan – as examples of the various stages. He seemed like a good choice. He was one of the first local weather prognosticators who kicked Stage 1 of this current Winter Weather Panic into effect on Monday night. It caught my attention at the time.

Mike responded to my tweet like a desperate bride in search of a wedding DJ. He invited me to call into the Kliff Davis Radio Show. Seriously….

I’m not sure exactly what world Mike and Marla operate in, but I’m glad to know Kliff Davis is in it. I heard his nickname is “The Caboose.” Mine is Mighty Casey. Also, can Kliff let us know where he bought his jacket? That’s one metro business we should know about.

Mike continued to push the dire winter storm predictions through Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, while old and weak scavengers were fighting over the remaining loaves of bread at your neighborhood Crest, Mike threw us a curveball and tagged us in this tweet:

My reply was pretty simple:

Mike then rudely, and rather callously, made fun of the medical marijuana I use to treat conditions like “stress,” “anxiety” and “insomnia.”

In all fairness, he could have been referring to a bag of Lay’s. I guess he didn’t know they were sold out throughout the metro thanks to his previous weather forecasts.

Anyway, Mike then made it his personal mission to let everyone on social media know it was okay to drive around this afternoon, and that he told everyone this on Wednesday:

After the tweets, he changed course and told Oklahomans they could keep their plans through Friday night!

Later on, he expanded it to 11pm!

Awesome! I guess that means it’s okay for everyone to come out to Buffalo Wild Wings for TLO Trivia tonight. It starts at 9pm.

Anyway, we’d like to thank Mike for correcting the initial weather forecast that he and almost everyone else in the local media got way wrong, and giving everyone in town permission to keep the plans they had already cancelled. Now if only he can tell me what to do with all the extra bread and milk I have at my house, or send us more pics of Marla, he’ll win our forgiveness.

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50 Responses

  1. This is the same man that told everyone to drive south during a tornado outbreak. Shesh! He and his wife should win the drama king and queen awards.

  2. Maybe you’re happy with the new forecast but I’m mad as hell. Day before the in-laws decided the weather was too dicey to visit. Now thanks to Mike they’ll be here at 7. Gotta hid the silverware and lock the liquor cabinet. Geesh.

  3. The sky is falling, The sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, The Sky really is falling, The sky is falling……………………………..Oh never mind!

  4. I don’t mind when the town shuts down for little or no reason. Anything thing that gets me the day off is cool with me. Besides our fellow citizens are dangerous enough to share the road with on dry pavements.

  5. I’d love to know how much money weather freakouts have cost businesses in the metro.

    1. Business that sell bread, milk, and toilet paper clean up. I was at Walmart yesterday at 5:00 and it was a zoo. Maybe they are slipping MM some $$$ to start the panic.

    2. What about all the money grocery stores, Walmart, liquor stores get as the lemmings line up to buy survival food such as potato chips, booze and soft drinks to watch the TV stations as they go into weather crisis mode? Public loves to watch the storm chaser idiots drive around the metro to show them how smart they are not to go out into the weather. It’s almost as good as college football.

      Most cities that get snow make arrangements (hire people to plow the street) so commerce can continue. Snow happens, ice happens but for some reason Okies are fine with shutting the place down when weather comes in so they can sit and watch it on TV. They can also drive their 4×4 down to their buddies house to drink and watch the bad weather since they got the day off from work.

      Is this a great state or what?

    3. Another uneducated comment about how much money this costs businesses and the state government. Here’s a news flash – if any business loses money due to a weather forecast, they do not deserve to be in business. Clearly you have no idea about how to run a business. Your comment is asinine and ignorant.

      1. I work in a medical field where we have patients based on appointments. Our doors are open, but we have many patients who freak out at the mere mention of inclement weather and cancel, no matter how many times we tell them to wait to see the conditions the day of. As it’s appointment based, slots that people cancel because a weather forecaster said “freezing drizzle” when the roads are bone dry mostly go unfilled. It’s not enough for us to close up for the day, bur as it’s appointment based, we can’t simply stack those appointments earlier in the week as they’re filled, and while sometimes they can be put in later, this time of the year things start to get a little bit harder because insurance premiums are about to reset.

        With appointments, there’s an opportunity cost to every filled slot. The appointment that one person has is one that’s not available for someone else, and appointments that we have to fill in later to make up for the previous missed appointment is also one that isn’t available for a person who may need to get in quickly because cheap insurance is about to make them pay far more a visit.

        But hey, what do I know about my field, I obviously have no idea how it works.

        1. You lost any shred of competency when you said you work in the medical field…by far the most incompetent group of people on the planet. It seems impossible that such a group of highly educated people could be so clueless. It must be the unmitigated arrogance that filters down from the M.D.s.

          It is shocking that someone in the medical field has the total hypocrisy to complain about an inaccurate forecast (aka “diagnosis” in medical terms). Arrogance coupled with incompetence in medicine is a true life-threatening combination…and you complain about weather forecasters making a mistake? Doctors constantly mis-diagnose problems, but they never admit their mistake or even offer alternative options to patients. When it comes to predicting a future outcome, doctors are way worse than weather forecasters with way more serious consequences. And you have the arrogance to complain about that in here?

          As for your cancelled appointments…it’s a known situation. You KNOW it’s going to happen every time the weather guys get all hyped up. What have you done to mitigate it? This happens every winter and also in the spring during tornado season. Like I said, any business that loses money for this phenomenon doesn’t deserve to be in business.

          You keep plugging away and billing Medicare and Medicaid. All those changes in ICD-11 probably have confused the billing staff.

          1. That’s a nice ad hominen attack, good when you want to distract from the fact that you don’t have an actual rebuttal. Nice work, Marla Morgan would probably be proud.

            Doctors get things wrong, no argument from me. I could write an essay over the problems I see with doctors in the medical field, but that’s neither here nor there. I don’t even get mad at weather forecasters for getting it wrong if it feels like they’re operating out of good faith. During tornado season, if they’re predicting a major event, then I have no problem if it fizzles out. That’s severe weather, it should be taken that seriously. The main problem is that they do it with every weather event, even non-severe weather events. Our forecasters shouldn’t get a free pass for overhyping things that shouldn’t be overhyped.

            As for what we do, it is a known event and we do our best to mitigate it, but you can’t stop people from being reactionary and falling for weathermen who predict 12 inches of snow a week in advance based on models they know aren’t extremely accurate. You’re always going to have some loss as people cancel visits and refuse to come in based on weather forecasts that forecasters know aren’t accurate but still like to present as such a week in advance. But that’s why I use the National Weather Service and not a tv meteorologist for my weather information.

            1. NWS got it just as wrong as everyone else. They also predicted the snowpocalypse.

              And you should look up the definition of an ad hominem attack. I wasn’t going after your personal character, I only pointed out that someone who works in a profession where inaccurate diagnoses are rampant is criticizing another profession for making inaccurate forecasts. It’s really just an example of someone in a glass house throwing stones.

              As for the loss of revenue from this issue. I guess the last point from me is: if the weather forecasters continuously inflate the weather impacts, and your business continues to be surprised and angered by this, then why do you expect anything different? The weather forecasters aren’t getting any better, so maybe you need to have more realistic expectations? I could recommend a few good consulting firms if your business needs help in how to be successful in difficult times. Let me know.

          2. Village idiot. Aptly named. I guess Burst Colostomy Bag would’ve been too hard to spell.

          3. All that statement amounted to was some little brat got corrected in his assumptions and instead of accepting it dug in deeper. Grow up.

      2. Of course, that does ignore the more asinine comment of businesses not deserving to be in business if they’re negatively impacted by weather forecasts, since anyone who has been in business during bad weather knows that no matter what course of action a business takes, people deciding to hunker down and not go out during the busiest parts of the week is going to cause a negative impact on the bottom line. And that basic reality is going to affect the majority of businesses out there.

        1. see above

          1. lol

  6. Too many Weathermen, like too many Reporters, love the image of being heroes.

    The public on the other hand, just expects these guys to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. And that’s all.

    Be a real hero. Drop a few twenties in the Salvation Army pot.

    1. +1, Salvation Army could always use help. Well done to put in a plug for them at this time of year!

  7. Mikey forgot to tell us about motoring south.

  8. I’m still trying to figure out the #OKWXSince1972. It’s not very catchy. Is he saying he has been forecasting since elementary school?

  9. Does anyone know what data Damien Lodes uses to drive the threat blocks on his forecast? At least his “I really don’t know what will happen” was creative.

  10. I like Mike Morgan! Watch him every evening. Sure he, and every other weatherperson, misinterpret a forecast occasionally. It’s not an exact science by any means and there are a lot of moving parts. I’m sure they err on the side of caution since there could be loss of property or even lives. I live in Western Oklahoma and there have been many lives saved from their early warnings of tornadoes, floods and even ice storms. Yes, they could tone it down a bit but a pass should be given when they miss a storms path or severity. I mean really: Moisture coming from the west thousands of miles away, meeting with a cold front in Canada. Hard to predict the exact time and place they will intersect and if they will retain the same intensity. Also, Mike kinda one upped ya. Did you have the balls to call the show? I doubt it.

    1. Sadly, have better things to do on a Saturday night than call the Kliff Davis KTOK Radio Show.

      1. Those diapers don’t change themselves.

        1. Changing diapers might be just a little better than talking to those pompous douches. He just had to rub it in that his wife was a first responder and an ER nurse to boot! Should’ve also mentioned she is “Mike Morgan’s wife of xx years” – that’s probably the hardest thing she had to do her whole life…

  11. For what it’s worth, the “winter storm warning” for the Tulsa area and northeast Oklahoma was cancelled early this (Friday) morning. As it stands, I think that OKC is still more likely to get some falling frozen water than out here in the Far East.

    Mike M reminds me of some stock market mavens. They make 100 wrong calls, and then brag about a correct one for the rest of their lives.

    1. So, just to clarify it was never a warning, only a winter storm watch. There’s a big difference between a watch and a warning that most Oklahomans learn at about the same age as they learn to tie their shoes. Now it’s just a winter weather advisory.

      1. A distinction without a difference. Either one means “It might snow, so don’t get caught by surprise.”

        On another topic – if people don’t shop when bad weather is forecast, won’t they just buy the same stuff later when the weather clears? With pretty much a net zero impact on businesses?

        1. That’d likely depend on the circumstances, or what they’re buying. Other businesses, like non-delivery restaurants or entertainment venues, likely have no choice but to take the L for it if people don’t come in.

        2. What the *bleep* are you talking about?

          A warning does not mean “it might snow”. Really look it up, don’t take my word for it. THE difference between a watch and a warning is that one of them is a possibility and the other is a certainty. You live in OKLA and you don’t already know this? It’s like tornado watch vs tornado warning; severe thunderstorm watch and severe thunderstorm warning. There is a clear difference…sheesh!

          1. There is no such thing as a “certainty” with respect to Oklahoma weather.

  12. Marla pics or it didn’t happen…

    1. I’ve seen the Marla pics on TLO. Mike M. was a good sport a few years ago and actually sent them. The pics are real, and they’re spectacular. Marla is a stunning woman.

      1. um, don’t clog the feed with useless commentary

        1. OMG you’re right! I definitely shouldn’t “clog the feed”. Every single comment in here, and for that matter this entire blog…is useless commentary. But I guess some people consider these comments to be legitimate news with fact-based opinion?

          1. see above

  13. I’ve been kinda tough on Mike M., but in his defense his job is to predict the weather, which by its very nature is unpredictable. All of the weather sources got this one wrong, but for some reason Mike M. gets bashed for it. Lord knows if all of my mistakes at work were visible to the world, I’d be ridiculed non-stop. We all make mistakes but weather forecasters get roasted for theirs. Heck, Patrick is a professional obscure social blogger, but no one has mentioned the grammatical mistake he made in this article….

    Both Mike and Marla seem to be pretty good sports about it all, but occasionally they get angry at all the vitriol. Maybe they should just ignore all of us idiots and rise above the noise.

    1. If I made that many mistakes at my job, I’d be fired.

  14. Mike Morgan doesn’t miss a chance to hype bad weather, yet on Thursday night he was no where to be found on channel 4! That was a chicken-shit move on his part if you folks don’t mind me saying so and if you do mind, it was still a chicken-shit move!

  15. IF the weathercasters had predicted “flurries” and 12 inches of snow had fallen, then people would blame the weathercasters for being too cautious. I’d rather weathercasters predict a big storm and make plans accordingly than be too cautious. Better safe than sorry.

    1. If we were talking about potential tornado outbreaks that fizzled, I’d agree 110%. That’s the type of weather when OKC style coverage is honestly useful because it’s sudden and life threatening.
      But snow and ice isn’t, certainly not the amounts they were predicting. So instead of predicting snowpocalypse 6 days in advance, they they could just report that there’s a front coming in and may produce non-severe bad weather, while not sharing the most extreme examples and telling people to cancel their weekend plans (which, to be fair, Mike Morgan didn’t do this time) and then make more concrete predictions when the event is closer and predictions are more accurate so people don’t panic. I know we’re conditioned to it here, but in most other major markets I’ve been to, we don’t see the hysterical storm coverage over non-severe events.

      No one is expecting them to be right 100% of the time. We know the weather is unpredictable. The problem is that they play the boy who cried wolf a week in advance of everything, not just tornadoes.

  16. We need for our President to start calling out a new category of “enemies of the people” – those who predict “fake weather.”

    Maybe he will notice if one of his golf games gets rained out, I.e. if it affects him personally.

  17. Now is about the time they start predicting a white x-mas. That happens, what, once every 20 yrs or so? They sell the weather like dave stanley sells cars.

  18. In Mike’s defense, he did have the most conservative forecast of the bunch. I saw some big totals coming from Damon Lane, David Payne, even the National Weather Service! And I think it was the National Weather Service that surprised me most with how wrong they were.

    Then again, the NWS predicted 8 inches of snow for Christmas Day one year and we got .033 inches. Why even bother forecasting if they’re going to be be so far off the mark? You would think technology could help these weather people make better forecasts, obviously technology is still in the Stone Ages.

    Next time they should just flip a coin and tell us it will snow if it lands on tails… that would be just as accurate as reading the Euro Model, etc.

  19. Whatever gets us more flirt pics from Mrs Morgan. She’s aging like a fine grocery store wine

    1. +1000

  20. I’m officially at the regret and remorse stage Lucas was talking about. I squinted through the blinds, and much to my surprise, no snow. Great weather forecasting, let me tell ya!

  21. This just in-Mike Morgan named bread salesman of the year !

  22. I for one am grateful for another biggo flop of a weather E-vent. My granddaughter is being born today and had the crazy hypesters(including nationals like Al Roker) been right I’d have to miss meeting her little face… Lucky number 13 thank goodness for bad forecasters!!!

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