TLO Weekend News Recap

In true Oklahoma fashion, this December has gone from our first winter weather false-panic to feeling like early spring, all within a week. If we can get an ice storm, a tornado, and a humid 90 degree day in before Christmas, we’ll have a royal weather flush. We’ll keep our eyes glued on the weather to see if it happens, but until then, here are some of the stories you may have missed while hanging outside last weekend:

We have a streetcar… finally

After what seemed like endless long years of construction, hype and a few eye rolls, the big streetcar that will let people more easily move around a Downtown that was already easy to move around launched to much fanfare and revelry on Friday:



When the streetcar idea was pitched back in 2009, things like Uber, scooter rentals and the Plaza District, Film Row, Midtown, Uptown, etc., were either in their infancy or didn’t exist. It kind of makes you wonder if sinking so much money into a public transit system that makes extra loops around Bricktown is worth it.

Tulsa Man Forgets Rules To Rock, Paper, Scissors

So this guy was wandering around with an axe and ended up getting into altercations with a man with a knife and another person throwing rocks. His first mistake was not using paper instead. Sure, knife beats paper, but he could have won that last confrontation at least, since paper beats rock.

Sad state of rural healthcare

Considering we lead the country in teen pregnancy, you’d think equipping our derelict rural areas with more delivery hospitals would be a priority. Oh well, more taxpayer-dollars will go the city.

The Swamp Ain’t Gonna Drain Itself

It was a pretty weird move when Kevin Stitt tried to distance himself so far from Mary Fallin that he even went so far as to reject her endorsement. The thought process was probably along the lines that associating yourself with a wildly unpopular politician would make his case that he was a different brand of candidate. However, he hasn’t said much about his policies that really separate him from Fallin, or any of the establishment Republicans in Oklahoma, for that matter. And here he is, already in the process of retaining some of her staff members. For anybody who’s been frustrated about the executive office in this state, don’t hold your breath that things will be any different over the next four years.

Doorbell Cam Alert

There’s absolutely nothing remarkable about the ‘doorbell cam catches package thief’ stories that are now a daily occurrence. What makes this one fun are the replies to this tweet. Check em out:

‘Yah we’ve got creepers in our backyard, it’s fun to watch them now!’

I don’t even know where to begin with this exchange, but there seems to be a special kind of dialect to local news comments sections to which I am illiterate. Speaking of which…

You tell em, Rick!

Panda Thief!

This isn’t quite on the same scale of when people used to steal those green Sinclair dinosaurs, or even settling for just the head, but I’m a sucker for giant, cute advertising animals. Besides, can the thieves even responsibly care for this thing? Inflatable pandas need to eat at least twice their body weight in inflatable bamboo every day, which can get really expensive.

Steven’s Sports Beat

I am far from 17, and even further from ever being recruited for my athletic abilities (drunk league softball not withstanding), so I cannot say with certainty that the blue chip kids will dig this. Most college coaches take the school jet to recruit when not getting ready for a 6-6 bowl game. Kudos to Coach Gundy for finding a way to stand out.

It’s nice PG is getting not only the attention he deserves, but also the credit for the offensive output in getting the Thunder to 18-10. What’s more impressive is the writers use of adjectives to describe his play: “velvety ball-handling,” “burly rim runners,” “fringe MVP candidate.” He did kind of lose me a bit when said that Westbrook was the second best player on the team. Dood. Seriously? (-Steven)