Aaron Tuttle teases “Potential White Christmas”

Although it’s been bad news for some Internet publishers, one positive thing about the changes Facebook made to its all-powerful newsfeed algorithm in 2018 is that we get less apocalyptic Aaron Tuttle weather forecasts going viral across the Oklahoma City online echo chamber.

That being said, some sensational forecasts (that are really nothing more than wild guesses designed to get as many reactions, comments and shares as possible) still occasionally slip through the cracks. For example, on Sunday, December 16th –  a full nine days before Christmas – Aaron Tuttle and his muscly arms shared an article from his website on Facebook teasing a “First Look at a Potential White Christmas:

So by now you know there is a winter storm coming. Over the past few days I’ve been providing more details on the what, when, where aspect of it. I’m going to try something here and that is to get very specific 3-4 days out, which is stretching the science a bit in this event as I always caution 48 hours for specific details including snow or ice totals. So buyer beware, but here goes…

Oops! My bad. That’s what Aaron wrote about the big, crippling, extreme weather event that occurred earlier this month. You know, the blustery ice blizzard that shutdown the entire state in some distant, alternate reality.

Although Aaron “always cautions 48 hours for specific details” regarding winter weather, here are the details of his potential white Christmas.

So for about a week there has been a storm signal around the Christmas holiday time frame. As we’re getting closer more models are jumping onto the idea. The question has been two-fold, which day, Sunday through Wednesday, and how cold will it be?

So what can I tell you today?

  1. We’re getting another storm system
  2. It looks to be a weak one, not overly strong
  3. There will be rain with it
  4. There are indications some snow will fall on the backside as well

So, I’m going to post a couple of outputs from various model solutions. The take home is that the signal is there. The details won’t be revealed for awhile. As you know, don’t even bother to ask about snow totals until we’re 48 hours out and even then, that changes typically into the day of the event.

Translation – I really have no clue when the alleged storm will arrive, how strong it will be, or what type of precipitation, if any, will occur, but who cares?! We may conceivably possibly maybe perhaps have a potential white Christmas, but don’t hold me to it. Please like, share and donate to my Patreon today!!!

Okay… okay. I can’t complain about Aaron too much. In all fairness, we’re piggybacking on his forecast to get our own likes, shares and we-probably-need-to-set-up a Patreon donations. I guess the difference is that instead of pandering to people’s weather hopes and ice fears in the name of cheap web traffic, our goal is to point out the irresponsible absurdity of a local Facebook weatherman teasing a white Christmas for cheap web traffic.

For example, check out the Accuweather forecast for Christmas:

Once again, I know long-range winter weather forecasts are unreliable, but Accuweather isn’t showing any chance of precipitation for Christmas. I can’t wait to read Aaron’s next article about a “First Look at a Potential Mild, Sunny Christmas.”

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15 Responses

  1. Aaron’s left nipple indicates light precipitation while his right says heavy wind gusts possible. More accurate than whatever Mike Morgan is doing.

  2. Checking AccuWeather is like asking your dog about the forecast.

  3. When I initially read this, I thought Patrick was being a little harsh on good ol’ Aaron. But when I clicked the link: “the details of his potential white Christmas”, I agree. Aaron is definitely hyping a winter event on/around Christmas complete with screenshots of weather model forecasts and snow totals. I’m surprised the TV weather guys aren’t in full hype mode.

    All you need is one forecast model to predict snow and let the hype/arguing/bitching/complaining begin!

  4. I predict an orange Christmas in the Tuttle household.

  5. Why does Mike Morgan keep bringing up the “European Model” when we have no fucking idea what he’s talking about and why it matters? If I were Marla, I’d start snooping on his phone.

    1. Then you’d be Marla Merlot. That’d be kinda cool.

  6. He could put his white Christmas all over me at any time. 🙂

  7. Good Lord Patrick! Your infatuation with local Meteorologists is still over the top!! Hey, did you know I have seen lots of tornadoes at point blank range with most of the famous local guys!?!, but not Gary and not Tuttle. Maybe I should be a contributing writer huh?? I guess the weather stuff is better than the political stuff! LOL XOXO, Marla

    1. Calm down Marla, you drunk.

      1. Lol

    2. I’m a huge Marla fan! But Marla even you have to admit the weather in OKC (tornado and truly dangerous events excluded) has became it’s own monster-with plenty of blame to be shared by the TV Stations and the Sheeple that panic, run to the store buy all: the bread, soup, sex toys, board games, cocaine, natty lites, ad infinitum when rain, simple rain is forecast that might, however slight, might contain a whisper of a snowflake.

      I get it, it drives rating and ad revenue, but doesn’t make the actual weather any more/less relevant.

      I for one would donate to pay for Marla to be a contributing writer, of course adequate photos required!

    3. It’s winter in Oklahoma, too early for basketball to be relevant and too soon for the local schools to get pummeled in their bowl games. So content has to come from somewhere.

  8. let marla be a contributing writer !!!!

  9. I saw where old Aaron is no longer with the gal from Say Yes to the Dress and is now with a new fitness, spray tan lady.

  10. Guy has issues, severe ones.. Anyone that takes that much time posing in his underwear while working out has issues.. The he quotes his pastor and him being a Christian m only for his pastor to preach about how awful it is for anyone to take pics over and over almost naked.. Like I said, guy has issues..

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