Literally no one was sad to bid 2018 adieu. This is the first weekend of the New Year and the winter storm is behind us; it’s time to set your intention—and precedent. Will you indulge your emotional exhaustion from the holidays and shutter in, or will you emerge victorious with your squad…adding a few overflowing shots of music, fun and laughter to the lovely cocktail of your life?

Join me for a sneak peek at a few OKC happenings that just might bring enough Happy this weekend to help you forget—if just for a moment—that Monday is coming for you.

Revolution: The Beatles Symphonic Experience
Friday & Saturday, January 4th – 5th | 8 p.m.
Civic Center Music Hall, Oklahoma City

You say you want a revolution? Yeah, me too. But if you’re feeling a bit lazy for an overthrow of a shutdown-government this weekend, maybe Revolution: The Beatles Symphonic Experience is precisely the revolution you need. In this musical and visual journey through 25 of the Fab Four’s top hits, The Beatles come alive. Bonus of this new authorized tribute: rare and previously unseen photos from the historic London-based Abbey Roads archives. To catch either show this weekend, all you need is love…and a ticket to ride.

The Future of Sound Sessions
Saturday, January 5th | 7 – 9 p.m.
Factory Obscura, Oklahoma City

They wrapped up 2018 with the Opening Night show, and now Play It Loud featured artist The Allie Lauren Project is bringing its gorgeous avant garde jazz to the first in a new series of collaborative performances. Factory Obscura and Tower Theatre have teamed up to pair local musicians with artists of other disciplines to create a truly unique show. This inaugural session will also feature the visual stylings of aerial silk dancer MorganSmith.

Tickets to Beyond are separate, but if you haven’t been through it at least four times already, it’s well worth the price of admission. Especially since this is the final weekend of Factory Obscura’s immersive art experience.

Crüeligans: A Mötley Crüe Tribute
Friday, January 4th | 8 p.m.
Tower Theatre, Oklahoma City

Even if you’re not a dad-rock fanboy, it could be a blast to take this walk on the wild side. It’s the night to grab your rowdiest friends, dust off the black spandex and tease your hair to 80s proportions.  Crüeligans headlines this Tower Theatre tribute show, alongside Next Halen and Talk Dirtier, who will perform hair band tributes to Mötley Crüe, Van Halen and Poison, respectively. The Tower vibes—and their amazing bartenders—put a smile on my face no matter the show, which makes the $10 ticket for a trip down memory lane a bargain at twice the price.

Know of something that should be on our Weekend Radar? Let us know.

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