7 Step Guide to Buying Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

Now that medical marijuana has been legal (and available for purchase) in Oklahoma for a few months, I’ve received a bunch of questions from friends, family members and Mary Fallin about the topic. Yep, being a medical marijuana card holder has made me quite popular. For the most part, the questions range from basic stuff like “How to […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Punkin’s Bar-B-Que & Catfish

When on the road in Oklahoma, small town eateries are almost always a sure-fire bet for some good old-fashioned cooking—hopefully from an elderly woman, natch—that you usually can’t find in the hard and cold city anymore. But, on those rare occasions, sometimes that side-of-the-road eatery is just another travel-weary ruse, delivering a much-promised handcrafted meal […]