TLO Weekend News Recap

How are your New Year’s Resolutions doing? I didn’t have any, but they would have been demolished after this last weekend. Every year, I go to a cabin at Lake Murray with my bff’s, and we cook too much food, drink too much booze, smoke too much medical herb, and eat too many snacks. It’s an ouroboros of bad health decisions that all feed into each other like the snake eating its own tail, but when you get to be hanging out in the middle of nowhere and making each other laugh until late in the morning, it’s a kinda positive thing. After being on a news blackout for a few days, I’m back to look up what happened around the state…

Who Wants To Be A City Manager?

OKC reviewed 53 resumes and selected 8 of them to be finalists for the position of city manager, replacing Jim Couch. I guess it makes us a big league city that we interviewed 3 people from outside OKC for the job. I wouldn’t be opposed to an outsider coming in and shaking things up, but I’m curious where they were from. It’s so difficult to fly in and out of Will Rogers that it’s kinda impressive how the state could only spend $1,500 for two people to fly in and out of the city and stay for a few nights.

Proud To Be An Okie From Muskogee

Man, we’ve all stolen pens from work before, but I just can’t imagine embezzling from your job, especially one that’s fairly heavily audited like the government. Is that extra vacation and designer handbag worth being totally disgraced? I hope they at least got a few good Instagrams out of the deal that they can look at when they get out of prison.

We Can Be Arrested By Cops With Tattoos Now!

In a groundbreaking and progressive move, it is now okay for police officers to have some visible tattoos. Just keep in mind that those tats have to fit an elaborate and specific set of rules. Bottom half of upper arm is okay, but keep those shoulders clean, for whatever reason. I just hope that if I ever do something stupid enough to get arrested that it’ll be a guy with an ICP hatchet man on his lower-upper arm.

Men Are The Worst

Us dudes are generally a pretty dumb bunch, and dudes like Markwayne Twoname don’t do the rest of us any favors. “I’m growin’ out a dang ol’ beard until we build that wall!” is an awful life decision because it’s in support of a monument for racism. But it’s also horrible because any of us can see through that ruse and just see that he’s lazy and doesn’t want to shave. Me too, man, but you’re not gonna see me get fake sanctimonious because razor blades are expensive.

Steven’s Sports Beat

Lasting for 15 years in any professional sport is impressive. Doing it all for one team is equally as well. OKC fully embraced the Iowan who was a KU Jayhawk when the 747 pulled in from Seattle. Now, #4 will forever hang in the rafters and no longer be on the court on another Thunder’s back. Hopefully, the Thunder faithful will remember how Nick helped put the Thunder on the map and made them perennial playoff contenders since the SuperSonic name change.

Three news articles on Sooner Football in mid-January? For the haters and fans, it is like the 45th minute of a soap opera unfolding in Norman. What is Kyler Murray going to do? Where is Austin going to end up next fall? Is Jalen Hurts going to transfer to OU? What if he doesn’t come and Kyler chases the big bucks? That will leave only two scholarship QB’s in Norman. WHAT IF KYLER COMES BACK FOR HIS SENIOR SEASON? OK, that one maybe a stretch, but it is one of the possibilities. Oh, the issues to have for a school that finished in the top 4 for the past two years and top 5 the last four in a row…

That’s not a typo, folks. That’s the real score, and round 1 went to the Spurs. They got an extra 10 minutes to play, which is basically a 5th quarter if that makes sense. Game of the year? Not to sound like a homer, and it is only mid-January, but it is going to be hard to top the numbers that came out of Thursday night.

Round two in OKC went to the Thunder in another epic showdown. This time, in regulation. Vegas better hope these two teams do not see each other in the playoffs, because all bets will be off. The fans, on the other hand, will pack the areas in both SA and OKC, and that could be an NBA version of Bedlam!

Steven Adams loves to smash. We’ll just leave it at that. (-Steven)